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2020 Year in Review

80 Million Documented Decisions Because of You!

Looking back on 2020, we accomplished so much because of you and the grace of God! Watch this video as we recap the year that saw us cross the…

Operation Decapolis

Five Gospel Campaigns in two weeks in Tanzania!

For the first time ever in the history of Christ for all Nations, we held five Gospel Campaigns in two weeks! Operation Decapolis took place in…

Founder’s Day

Honoring Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

This day will go down in history as the day one of God’s greatest generals went home. Anni Bonnke shared her heart with Daniel Kolenda in a special…

Kahama, Tanzania

“We turn to Jesus!”

In Kahama, Tanzania, I preached on the final night of the Gospel Campaign on the spiritual laws of sin, death, and salvation. We also prayed for the…

Bootcamp Initiation

This is what it’s all about.

God is raising up an army of evangelists to reach the next for generation for Jesus! This is what it’s all about.

Daniel Kolenda Live

Health and Healing

Join me LIVE now for a relevant discussion on health and healing with health expert K.C. Craichy as we discuss receiving divine healing, boosting your…


Reinhard Bonnke Special – Sunday Night Live

Reinhard Bonnke's earthly journey ended in December 2019. This April 19th, he would have turned 80. We will be celebrating Reinhard and his life's…


Reinhard Bonnke Special – Friday Night LIVE

Join me LIVE now for an amazing time of worship and prayer with special guests and a powerful message! Tonight we will also honor Evangelist Reinhard…


COVID-19 Ministry Update

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda speaks about the current COVID-19 situation.


Reinhard Bonnke Legacy of Harvest Memorial Service

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke went to Heaven. We continue to honor his life and hope you will watch this recap from the Reinhard Bonnke Memorial Service.…

Worthy CD/DVD

"Way Maker" recorded live at a Gospel Campaign with Eddie James!

God is a Way Maker and Miracle-working God! Don’t miss this powerful song recorded with Eddie James (Official) at a Gospel Campaign.

Pensacola - Recap

Light the Fire Again

Last week was a historic time as leaders from the streams of revival came together in Pensacola, Florida! The Holy Spirit moved mightily in people's…

Gospel Campaign in Nakuru, Kenya

Highlights from Day 3

During every CfaN Gospel Campaign, we take Saturday evening to focus on the Holy Spirit. After a salvation message, Daniel Kolenda preaches about the…


The Brazzaville campaign has begun!

The long wait is over, and the work of winning souls for Jesus has begun in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. Watch this exciting, short video of…

He has run the race

The passing of Evangelist Billy Graham

The passing of Evangelist Billy Graham has touched our hearts deeply. We, from Christ for all Nations, honor him for his long evangelistic ministry…

76 Million Decisions

Great Outpouring

Since 1987, when CfaN started to count decision cards, we have counted more than 76 Million documented decisions for Christ!


Report from the final meeting in Harare

A short video report by Daniel Kolenda from the final meeting of the Harare campaign. At the concluding service many thousands more accepted Jesus…


Heal the sick!

At every Campaign we experience that the Word of God is still true today!

In Matthew 10:7-8 we read: And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of…


Short message by Daniel Kolenda

Don’t miss this short message which Evangelist Daniel Kolenda just sent from our campaign ground in Harare, Zimbabwe.
The second meeting is about to…


The CfaN-Team is on the road again!

Right now, the CfaN team is in East Africa, where our “Great Gospel Campaign” in Zimbabwe will start tomorrow. Our convoy started from Nairobi, Kenya…

Live (January 2, 2017)

From The Porch

You are invited to join myself, Eric Gilmour, Michael Koulianos, and Michael Dow, Live from The Porch, as we dive into the Word of God for an…

Short video-clip

CfaN hits the ground running in Africa again!

Watch this short video-clip that the CfaN team prepared for you directly from Ghana, West Africa!

In this clip you will get a glimpse of the arrival…


„Now that you are saved...“ focusing on follow-up

This video from the first day of our “Great Gospel Campaign” in Mbeya, Tanzania beautifully illustrates how the personal contact information for the…


Mbeya, Tanzania - First Impressions

This very short video-clip with impressions of the preparation of our CfaN-Great-Gospel-Campaign in Mbeya, Tanzania includes some awesome footage of…


Impact Africa Book with Testimonies

Incredible Testimonies from one of the Largest Moves of God in our Time with Signs, Wonders, Healings, Deliverances, Souls saved, Lives transformed ……


You will walk away alive - By Life or by Death

Millions are receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior in unprecedented Gospel outreaches across what was once called, ’The Dark Continent’. Some of…


Great Outpouring

What is the “secret” that makes CfaN’s mission work so effective? The major evangelistic campaigns in Africa are planned strategically many months in…


Her breaking point miracle

Teetee Bongo had been deaf since she was young, and it affected every part of her life. She was at a breaking point when she decided to attend…


Freed from witchcraft, healed and reborn!

At the age of 18, she had crippling abdominal pain, and her husband and I gave all the money for medicine, hospital travel, and voodoo shamans.…


On your feet again - she no longer needs a wheelchair or crutches

After the motorcycle accident, she was first in a wheelchair, then on crutches, now she doesn't need either. "If I can give hope to someone in the…


Dangerous seizures - never again

Paulina had suffered from seizures since childhood. Gradually, they became part of her daily life. They grew into large seizures and sometimes fainted…


Healed from Color Blindness

Caleb Sepulvera suffered from color blindness - until he was healed by Jesus.


When a doctor tries to describe the supernatual...

Watch this great testimony from 1988! You will be blessed and encouraged!


Tell my wife, Jesus is the Son of God!

“My name is Mohammed,” he said and proceeded to tell his story…

Isha’s testimony

A Miracle Happened Inside Me

Isha Dean was like many young women her age. She wanted to find someone to love her and to live a happy, fulfilled life. But she got lost trying to…


“From a Death Sentence” to “The Sound of Life”

Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Through prayer and by God’s grace, his seemingly hopeless situation turned into a great…


From the death sentence to the sound of life - Part 2

Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Thanks to prayers and God's grace, his hopeless situation turned into a great victory.


Free at last!

The power of witchcraft oppresses and imprisons people all across Africa. Okiki Olayinka was raised to be a water witch, telling the future and…


Deliverance, Salvation and Healing

For more than twenty years, Bella Marcella suffered excruciating pain. Every part of her body hurt: legs, arms, lungs – even her fingernails. She…


Behold, I make all things new.

Mafia Island is roughly 50 kilometers long. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, south of Dar es Salaam, and has a population of around 50,000. More…