Governor attends final meeting

Port Harcourt shaken by the Gospel

As the Port Harcourt Gospel Campaign drew to a close, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda recorded a final message for our mission partners, summing up the week’s transformative events. “The State Governor is here, as are many diplomats and authorities – because what’s happening here in River State is absolutely historic. What Jesus has done here this week will be talked about for generations to come. We’ve seen mighty miracles. We’ve seen deaf ears opened, we’ve seen cripples walk… But most of all, we’ve seen many, many thousands of people surrender their lives to Jesus.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending us to Port Harcourt to preach the Good News! We pray that you will be encouraged as you watch this video message from Daniel Kolenda, and further inspired to stand with us as we press on forward to Owerri. That campaign is only a month away. Thank you for your continued support – together, we will make sure the spiritual strongholds of the enemy in Nigeria are dealt a double blow in Jesus’ name.

Yours in the Gospel,
The whole CfaN team

Day 4

Holy Spirit Night

Saturday was Holy Spirit Night for the CfaN Gospel Campaign in Port Harcourt. After preaching a salvation message, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda taught on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And the fire fell! As Daniel said, “When the Holy Spirit falls, people don’t just speak with other tongues. Every miracle is possible. Are you ready to experience the power of God tonight?”