Decapolis Zambia – 2023

Operation Decapolis

10 cities, 10 Gospel Campaigns

We are in the final push! Please will you prayerfully consider helping us meet the costs of this huge undertaking? Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for standing with us as we prepare for this great harvest in Zambia.

Operation Decapolis in Zambia 2023 – 10 cities, 10 Gospel Campaigns

This is the second Operation Decapolis in Zambia, and the first time that we’ll be doing 10 full Gospel Campaigns in one country in two weeks. This time, there is a strong focus on Lusaka, the nation’s capital. This is, by far, the most populated place in all of Zambia. It is a very large and spread-out metropolis. Our strategy to take Lusaka for Jesus is to have 6 Gospel campaigns in different areas of the city. We want every resident of Lusaka to know what’s coming, and to be able to easily attend a Gospel Campaign wherever they live.

Operation Decapolis

It’s “go time” for Zambia!

Operation Decapolis Zambia 2023

At the end of last year, I shared with you the crisis we’ve been facing with funding for the next Operation Decapolis. To our great joy, many partners responded to that call, and that means I have some very good news today!

Decapolis means “ten cities”

Not only are we going ahead with the next Operation Decapolis in Zambia in April, but this will be our first full Decapolis, 10 five-night campaigns in 10 different venues. That’s a total of 50 meetings – and all in just two weeks. This is what we have been building up to for the last couple of years, expanding our team, our equipment and our expertise to meet the challenge.

This is a strategy that works. In the past two years, CfaN has held 21 Decapolis campaigns across Tanzania and Zambia. We have seen more than 2.7 million in attendance, with 956,980 documented salvations. We are expecting this 10-city push to be the biggest Operation Decapolis yet. In faith, we are preparing our follow-up system (with the local churches) to handle over a million new converts. Isn’t that exciting?

How to shake a nation

The vision behind Operation Decapolis is nothing less than this: to shake an entire nation with the Gospel. And that means doing so much more than the Gospel Campaigns themselves. Our team has already spent several months on the ground preparing, and over 30 people from many nations are now on site, working day and night.

In March, we will conduct a massive “Gospel Invasion” all across Zambia, with Bootcamp students and Fire Camp graduates joining us to do literally hundreds of youth outreaches. Then in April, we will be mobilizing the Gospel trucks, preaching the Gospel in markets, on the streets and everywhere we are given opportunities. Thousands will meet Jesus before the main events start.

All of this builds momentum and spreads the word leading up to the main events, taking place 26 – 30 April and 3 – 7 May. As with previous Decapolis campaigns, two guest evangelists will be stationed in each location. And I will travel to all the campaigns, preaching one night in each.

Huge church growth in Zambia

This is our second Operation Decapolis in Zambia. Our teams there have been telling me about the feedback they’re receiving from the first one (September 2022). Some churches have grown by 50%. Others have planted multiple new churches, simply from the overflow of new converts. Still others have started their own teams of evangelists, continuing to preach the Gospel in their communities. That’s the kind of nation-shaking we’re talking about!

There has been unprecedented unity and collaboration between the churches in Zambia for this, and anticipation is high. And did you know that the Vice-President of Zambia came to Christ when Reinhard Bonnke preached there in the 80’s? There is a CfaN legacy in this nation that we are building on now, forty years later.

Still a long way to go

With less than three months to go, there is still much to do. Please pray with us for these important factors:

  • Pray for favor with officials as we obtain the many permits needed.
  • Pray for the spouses and families of our team members. Many of them are spending months away from their loved ones.
  • Pray for the church leaders and volunteers as they train and prepare.
  • Pray for the Bootcamp students and Fire Camp graduates as they step into their calling.
  • Pray for the provision of the remaining finances.

It is thanks to partners like you that we have been able to set the wheels in motion. Now we need to keep the wheels turning until we cross the finish line!

While we have been able to pay deposits and send our team, there is still a Goliath of costs standing before us. But you know how David took Goliath down? With the weapon the Lord gave him, a sling and a few stones. Our mission partners are our sling, and every donation, big or small, is another stone in that sling. If you are able to help us topple this giant, thank you, with all our hearts.

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda