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If your heart burns to reach Europe with the Gospel, then a FIRE CAMP is just the thing for you. CfaN is hosting these camps for young evangelists. The aim is to equip evangelists for Europe. Because the harvest in Europe is ripe!

Together with 50 – 100 young evangelists, we’ll be defining the gifting and role of an evangelist in modern times and bringing that to life. We believe that the time is now!

For more information about registration, please note the following:

The Fire Camp Vision

We’re focusing on deepening on our own relationship with Jesus. That’s why we’ll be having personal time with Him every day, learning to be sensitive to His voice and leading. A major emphasis is placed on grounding our identity and self-worth in what He thinks about us, so we’re no longer controlled by the fear of man.

We hope, too, that every participant will experience what it is to be in a family. The Kingdom of God is a family, which is why we will eat together, have fun as a family together, and talk late into the night about the dreams God has laid on our hearts. We will encourage each other. What we want is for deep and lasting friendships to form during this time. We believe that God will bring about something new for the future of Europe through these friendships.

The main goal of the FIRE CAMPS is to help each participant to grow in their evangelistic gifts. We will have teaching modules on the Holy Spirit and the Great Commission, and on the role of the evangelist in the local and worldwide church.

But we don’t just want to talk about the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit or evangelism. We want to create a culture of evangelism. We will have regular outreaches in the nearby towns and regions. We want to invite the Holy Spirit to work through us on the streets.

The FIRE CAMP is not so much about speakers and seminars but is rather a focus on Jesus. Our lives will be deeply impacted by the presence of God, and our hearts forever changed.

If your heart beats for the lost in Europe, then get in touch!

Who will teach?

We will have a wonderful team of speakers and leaders from Germany, the United States, and other nations, who carry a burning heart to see young people activated into the Great Commission. Some will be well-known. Some will not be. But all of them carry in unique ways, the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has a sincere heart to see the Lost in Europe and around the world come into a real relationship with Jesus.

How can I apply? :

If you feel that the Holy Spirit is speaking to you as you read this information, please fill out the application form (see below). Unfortunately, we only have about 50 places available for the retreats, so we cannot accept everybody. After your application is received, we will contact you as soon as possible within one month to let you know if you have a place on the retreat. Payment of the retreat fee is only required after confirmation of your attendance.

  • Fill out the application form and send it in
  • Wait for the confirmation email
  • After receiving confirmation, complete the payment process
    Fire Camp 2024 v Eschenburgu (Německo), Stuttgartu (Německo), Marseille (Francie)
    Fire Camp 24 – Gdansk (Poland)

    8 – 13 July 2024

    Gdansk (Poland)


    995 Złoty ( 200 Złoty advance payment, 795 Złoty final payment). Tuition includes meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and covers teaching and evangelism time during school days. The price also includes a very basic housing option. You will need to bring a mattress, pillow, bedsheets, and a towel with you.

    If the CfaN retreat is cancelled, all fees already paid will be fully refunded. If a registered participant is unable to attend the retreat and does not cancel in writing by 15th May 2024, 100% of the advance payment will be retained by CfaN.

    English and Polish

    Apply for Gdansk (Poland)

    Fire Camp 24 – Tallinn (Estonia)

    29 July – 3 August 2024

    Tallinn (Estonia)


    Tuition fee is €199 (€50 advanced payment, €149 final payment). This includes lessons, materials, and food (lunch and dinner). ACCOMMODATION is NOT provided.

    Notice: CfaN is not collecting payment for this Firecamp. The payment will be collected by a local ministry. If a registered participant is unable to attend the retreat and does not cancel in writing by 15th July 2024, 100% of the advance payment will be retained by the local ministry.

    Estonian and Russian

    Apply for Tallinn (Estonia)

    Fire Camp 24 – Bielefeld (Germany)

    14 – 19 October 2024

    Bielefeld (Germany)


    The total cost for the course is 435€, which is divided into a 150€ advance payment and a 285€ final payment. This fee covers all meals (lunch and dinner) and includes comprehensive teaching and evangelism activities throughout the school days. Please note that accommodation is not included.

    If the CfaN retreat is cancelled, we guarantee a full refund of all fees paid. If a registered participant cannot attend and does not cancel in writing by 1st October 2024, the full advance payment will be retained by CfaN.


    Apply for Bielefeld (Germany)

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