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Did you know there are outreaches happening daily all over the world, in collaboration with CfaN Evangelism Alliance members? Every week, thousands are choosing Jesus.

Bootcamp Initiation

In less than three weeks, they have conducted 1,801 outreaches and seen 340,174 documented decisions for Christ! And that is before the campaign even started!

Bootcamp Initiation

We are nearing the end of our CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp initiation and the students have seen so many people come to Jesus as well as many healings.

Bootcamp Initiation trip in Ghana

Our CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp students are on week 2 of their Initiation trip in Ghana.

They have spent their time preaching in the markets, at kid's outreaches, and using Gospel Trucks to go around the town and spread the Good News. After witnessing over 200,000 salvations, and countless miracles, the students are prepared for this weekend for our CfaN Flagship Campaign!

Please keep them in your prayers! We are believing for a mighty harvest!

Evelina Smane

What a joy it has been to see the students put into practice everything they’ve learned at @cfanusa over the last 3 months!

Harrison Jones

I was in a group of 4 starting out with youth outreaches, we went to 7 schools, preached to just under 3000 children and saw 2053 people give their life to Jesus !!

Harrison Jones

Wow, Jesus is on the move !! We had the opportunity to preach at a youth outreach where there were 2500 young adults.

Tyron Junior

Field Report Day 5: I’ve had the privilege of personally witnessing 10,319 young people make a decision to turn to Jesus

My team an me of 4 have conducted 37 kids and youth outreaches across the last 5 days and it has been life changing!

Belinda Kaiser

These young men touched my heart so much, I went to talk to them a bit, I asked them if they already have a relationship with Jesus, most of them nodded their head a bit but not really clearly.

So I started talking to them about Jesus, how much he loves them, I preached to them the clear gospel and repentance from all their sins, some gifts to taking drugs, watching pornography, and having sex outside of marriage. I led them in prayer to Jesus and repentance. Wow it was so power full, Jesus and the Holy Spirit came and touched them, one of the young men had tears in his eyes.

This is my Jesus, he is the only one who can save!!!!

Yana Shevchuk

“…whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” MATTHEW 18


2nd week of our Bootcamp Initiation I had a privilege to do kids outreaches. I have to say it really took me speechless to see so many decisions to follow Jesus.

Evangelist Roman Nechay

Training evangelists for youth outreaches.

Mark Martin

I shared the cross and how Jesus is the only way to the Father!

Jonny Nadon and Team

This past week has been absolutely incredible! As a team of 4 bootcamp students we have conducted 35 youth outreaches resulting in 6583 children and teenagers making a decision to follow Jesus

Andressa Gotelip Nascimento

The Kingdom of Heaven has come to Ghana

Matheo Wentland and his wife Hannah

To be back in Ghana after 8 years is very special for me personally. I just love the people, the dances, their food and their loving hearts.

Tyrone Junior is in Kumasi.

What a powerful morning! I preached the gospel to hundreds and 134 people came running to Jesus in response to the powerful Gospel!

Harrison Jones

Today we did 14 youth outreaches in one day ! How can we do all this all day long each day ? It is certainly not by power or by might but by his spirit !

Bootcamp Initiation

Our Bootcamp students have made it to Ghana for their Initiation trip! They’re only a few days in, and already the students are seeing salvations, healings and miracles!

Alexandria Miguez and Team

Week 1 has ended! Thankful for my field leaders this week! They have been so great to work with and helped us grow so much with all their leadership & feedback! 

Kenisha B. Moore and Team

Week 1 of our CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp Ghana, Africa Missions Trip is complete and we have 2 weeks left! My Team did Kid’s Campaign this past week and tomorrow we begin Preaching and Ministering Gospel Truck Outreaches!

Mrs. Hugo and Team

What an incredible time this has been! My first trip to Africa and it certainly won’t be the last!

Roselyne Aaron with Team

The Christ for all Nations USA Bootcamp Initiation in Ghana has been glorious so far! I have had the amazing honor and privilege of coaching a group of fiery Jesus-loving Bootcamp evangelists.

German Brynza ist in Kumasi

Today is the 6th day of preaching every day on the Gospel truck 2 to 3 times of preaching Jesus and praying for the sick every day.

Paula Saari and Team

Yesterday teams changed and I got to coach another group of fiery Bootcamp students. Enoch (US), Kjell (Estonian), Brittany (US) and Ashley (US) preached and ministered to thousands of young people today!

Hannah Celeste and Team

I can not even fathom being a part of something this historical. The power of the Gospel is shaking the nation of Ghana and transforming every person that hears this good news!

Johnel Ley-Soto and Team

What a wild Jesus filled day! Our team held a total of 14 kids campaigns and saw over 3,500 decisions made for Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

David Chambers and Team

Huge privilege to preach to the youth of Ghana this week. They are hungry for Jesus and has been beautiful seeing them respond with such a desire for Jesus!

Paula Saari and Team

Belinda from Germany, Everett from US, Gina from Honduras and Guillaume from South Africa made it for their first day in Bootcamp initiation trip here in Kumasi, Ghana!

Stephanie Hunt

Ready set GO!!! Our last day of class was yesterday after three months and it’s been such a privilege to be here learning from these generals in the faith!

Evangelist Roman Nechay in Kambodscha

The longest job I had was for 3 months. I worked at Chick-fil-A, Microsoft, and Philips. None of the jobs would satisfy me. I knew there was more in life than the goal of achieving wealth.

Last year I graduated CfaN evangelism bootcamp I went into the mission field as a public speaker for children. I had one goal: to speak of Jesus. I would begin to lead thousands to the cross of Christ. I loved it. It was a joy and pleasure to serve the Lord. 

This year I have been a full-time evangelist for 9 months, and by God's grace I desire to continue as long as possible. It's better than any job I have had. The impact will ring for all eternity.

CfaN Bootcamp 2022

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda worked one on one with each student giving them tips and tricks on how to project without hurting their voice.

8-week | School of Evangelism

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda went straight to South Africa after Operation Decapolis in Zambia to spend time with the students at the first 8-week CfaN School of Evangelism in Cape Town, South Africa.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda at the School of Evangelism in South Africa
Evangelist Levi Lutz
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda at the School of Evangelism in South Africa
Evangelists trained in Africa

CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp 2022

The students have been learning from some of the best in Gospel Campaign organizing, working with an interpreter, preaching at a Gospel Campaign, and more.

Operation Decapolis

In one week, we conducted 25 nights of campaigns! I’m talking about MASSIVE Gospel Campaigns in 5 different cities across the nation SIMULTANEOUSLY, resulting in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SALVATIONS and countless testimonies!

Have a look at this picture which shows one drone shot of each night's campaign in each city. Hopefully, it will give you a sense of the scale of what we have just experienced!

Day 4 – Beira, Mozambique

Final night in Beira, Mozambique!

Beira, Mozambique // second 'Partnership Campaign' with CfaN
Beira, Mozambique // second 'Partnership Campaign' with CfaN

Full Report

Beira, Mozambique

Randy Roberts, who is a CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp graduate, is in Beira, Mozambique and starting the second 'Partnership Campaign' with CfaN, from the 15 - 18 September

David Rotärmel and Ben Fitzgerald

Last weekend, David Rotärmel and a team of Bootcamp graduates trained by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda held a “Nights of Hope” Gospel Campaign in Black Forest, Germany.

Ben Fitzgerald from Awakening Europe and David both preached clear gospel messages with over 8000 people in attendance! They saw many incredible miracles and 600 salvations!

Braidwood Rathbone and Jacob Ebersole in Segese, Tanzania

Last week, Bootcamp graduates Braidwood Rathbone and Jacob Ebersole held a CfaN collaborative Gospel Campaign in Segese, Tanzania. There were 34,913 in attendance and 12,149 decisions for Christ!

Day 4 – Jinja, Uganda

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in coming with us with your prayers and finances to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these beautiful people. We would be unable to do what we do if you didn’t do your part.

Evangelist Randy Roberts – Jinja, Uganda

Day 4 – 100,000 people praising Jesus for all He’s done

Randy Roberts, who is a CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp graduate, is in Jinja, Uganda and starting the first 'Partnership Campaign' with CfaN.

I want to thank Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for having a vision and the courage to follow that vision!

Before I came to the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp, the most people I had ever preached to was 2500, and that was one time. I was always thankful for the 300-500 people crowds I would preach to, but I wanted to be more effective. 

Now, just two years later, Reverend Peter Vandenberg and I just left a field with 100,000 people rejoicing for what Jesus had done in their city! 

Thank you both (most importantly, Jesus!) for teaching me, training me, and making me more effective!

The Decade of Double Harvest is truly upon us!

As Reverend Vandenberg and I left the field last night, we knew God was moving mightily in Jinja. The crusade had been reported on through many newscasts, and we had received several communications from both local and national leaders because they had heard what was happening in Jinja. Yet, I was still overwhelmed when we arrived on the Crusade field tonight to a crowd that had almost doubled from the previous night! My heart was bursting watching these precious people dancing and rejoicing!

I preached a simple Gospel message (that Evangelist Kolenda taught me) on the law of salvation, and thousands surrendered their lives to our King Jesus!

Delivered from witchcraft

Reverend Vandenberg wrote to you about all the witchcraft or “juju” the people brought last night. Well, tonight, they brought even more. They brought so much we had to light the 55-gallon drums on fire twice! Multiple people were delivered as the witchcraft went up in smoke.

The healing testimony line was so long that I couldn’t see the end of it.

Evangelist Randy Roberts in Jinja, Uganda

Day 4 – "Here are a couple of my favorite healing testimonies"

A lady had tumors in her stomach for eight years. The pain was so debilitating that she was unable to walk without assistance and was completely unable to bend at her waist at all. Her grandson brought her to the crusade because he had seen the miracles Jesus was doing on the field. Jesus healed her, and when she came to the platform to testify, she and I touched our toes and then ran across the stage as the crowd praised Jesus!

Another lady had an accident ten years ago with a “Boda Boda” (motorcycle), and her leg was badly damaged. She has a big scar running the length of her thigh. She couldn’t stand up or walk on her own. She was not even able to stand up for the healing prayer, but after the prayer, she got up on her own and began to dance. Then she came to the stage to give the glory to Jesus and dance with me! 

What a transforming week it has been!

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in coming with us with your prayers and finances to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these beautiful people. We would be unable to do what we do if you didn’t do your part.

Day 3 – Jinja, Uganda

Revival is here in Jinja, Uganda!

Jinja, Uganda by CfaN Vice President, Peter Vandenberg and Evangelist Randy Roberts

Day 3 – Great Jubilation and Freedom of the Enemies Lies

The big crowd, which gathered for the campaign meeting, had brought bags full of witchcraft items to be burned. This was because they received Jesus as their Savior the night before and no longer believe the lies of the devil.

Two large barrels near the platform were made ready with all the idols, amulets, and potions placed inside to be burnt with fire. As the flames flared up, great joy and jubilation broke out across the crowd, and worshippers streamed forward to dance in joy around the burning barrels. The atmosphere was filled with victory, deliverance, and joy.

Evangelist Randy Roberts then preached on restitution from the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. The crowd was fully engaged in this vital message. Thousands responded to the call of salvation at the end of the message. Thousands more pledged to make restitution for past sins and injustices and to live clean and righteous lives.

Right after the altar call and short teaching, the crowd was invited to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. After prayer, the power of God fell, and tens of thousands were filled with the Holy Spirit and were praising the Lord in new tongues.

Blind eyes opened

A prayer was given for healing, and people who had felt the touch of God in their bodies came forward to testify to their healing and to give glory to God. There are way too many testimonies to report here, but one outstanding story was told by a woman who had traveled from across the border to be at the campaign. This woman had been unable to see at all for the past three months after extended eye problems. She said she tried everything and spent a lot of money with doctors and witchdoctors, but her eyesight deteriorated. A Christian woman, who did not know her but saw her need, offered to pay for her trip to the campaign. She came, and tonight she spoke in tongues for the first time and was completely healed. Praise the Lord!

When it came time to close the meeting, no one wanted to leave after experiencing the joy of salvation and the demonstration of God’s power. Eventually, the crowd began to disperse, singing and dancing as they went.

Thank you to all of you who have helped us make this amazing campaign happen by praying for us and supporting the work in finance. We know that you share in the blessings as much as we do.

Reverend Peter Vandenberg

Day 2 – Jinja, Uganda

Reverend Peter Vandenberg and Evangelist Randy Roberts

History being Made on Earth and in Heaven

Today the ministers Fire Conference here in Jinja, Uganda, came to a wonderful climax as the power of God flooded the place with thousands of Pastors and church workers receiving a new outpouring for service. The impartation received at Fire Conference will go with them in changing the lives of many in the future.

In the campaign meeting tonight, history was made right in front of our eyes!

What happened is this; In 1990, a CfaN campaign with Reinhard Bonnke here in Jinja, Uganda, was violently stopped by the military on orders of the then state governor. Reinhard Bonnke dusted the “dust off his shoes,” in accordance with scripture, as we were chased away. Some months later, reports filtered in of failed rains in the region, economic failures, and the amazing fact that the governor concerned became insane and was removed from office. 

Now tonight in 2022, 32 years later, just before Randy Roberts preached the gospel in the meeting on the very same campaign site as before, the minister of state for Uganda, who comes from this region, came to the campaign meeting officially to make a speech. The purpose of this speech was to repent before CfaN and God on behalf of the region and the government for what happened to us here and for their rejection of the gospel in 1990. He knelt down on the platform and asked us to release them by forgiveness. I took the microphone and accepted the repentance and publicly forgave them. The crowd went wild with jubilation, and it was deeply moving. Then we prayed for him and the people of Jinja. 

It was historic, heralding a new era of God's blessing for the land. 

After this, Randy Roberts preached a powerful gospel message, and thousands accepted Jesus as their savior.

A prayer for healing was given, many sick people were healed, and the name of Jesus was lifted high.

The gospel is powerful, and we say thank you to all of you who make these amazing happenings possible by supporting us and praying for us as we go into all the world to preach the gospel. 

Evangelist Randy Roberts

Greetings from Jinja Uganda

The Gospel Campaign week started on a Wednesday night at a dinner that is typically reserved for local bishops and pastors. But this time, it also included every local leader as well as the second-highest-ranking politician in the country of Uganda, The First Prime Minister of Uganda and Prime Minister of East African affairs, and The Right Honourable Mama Kadaga.

They had all gathered to welcome Reverend Peter Van Den Berg (CfaN Vice President), myself, and the CfaN Gospel Campaign, team. More importantly, to honor God and express their sincere gratitude that He had chosen Jinja for a Great Gospel Campaign!

You see, CfaN has a history here in Jinja, and it is one that is well remembered by the local people. We were here in 1990, and for one of the few times in CfaN history, we were shut down by the police on the second night of the Gospel Campaign. It was only one night of thousands of preaching the Gospel over the years, but it has stuck with us, and apparently, it has also stayed in the minds of the people of Jinja.

1 Samuel 2:30, God says, “…those that honor me, I will honor”.

Well, Jinja has honored God by welcoming Him with their open arms and hearts. And faithful to His Word, He honored them with His mighty presence on the field on the first night of the Gospel Campaign.

We had powerful and joyful worship, then a clear gospel message was preached, with many responding to the call to salvation! After this, we prayed for the sick. There were so many amazing miracles and healings that took place. PRAISE GOD FOREVER!

We know that Jesus is going to “reveal Himself” to thousands upon thousands more here in Jinja this week. It is only possible because you partner with us as we carry out the Great Commission to GO into all the world and preach the good news of Jesus Christ! Thank you!

Thank you for coming with us with your prayers and financial support, and we’ll talk to you soon with more beautiful stories from Jinja!

Together in the harvest,

Evangelist Randy Roberts
Radical Walk Ministries

Evangelist Randy Roberts

One testimony, in particular, stood out for me, and I want to share it with you today….

A lady came to the Gospel Campaign field as a Muslim woman and also one that was completely deaf from the time she was in the fourth grade. She explained to us that she had prayed almost daily as a Muslim for healing, but nothing would ever happen. Then tonight, she came looking for a healing, and after I prayed for the sick, her ears suddenly opened, and she was overwhelmed by the sound of the worship and people around her. Then the most important thing that could ever happen to any of us happened!! With tears in her eyes (and if I’m honest, mine too), this precious lady told the whole city of Jinja that “as my hearing returned, Jesus revealed Himself to me, and I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.” HALLELUJAH!

This is no small thing for a Muslim woman to publicly declare that she is now a follower of Jesus, and it is the exact reason we work tirelessly in Gospel Campaign preparation and preaching the Gospel!

Evangelist Randy Roberts

Gospel Campaign preparation in Jinja, Uganda

Carl Butler with Team

Today we managed 12 outreaches involving 6552 children during which 4912 chose Jesus.

Jako and Karen Hugo

We spoke to more than 10 000 pupils in 7 CfaN youth outreaches in Malawi today

Evangelist Roman Nechay and Team in Rwanda

We gift a small children's booklet to help little ones grow in Jesus. The children & villagers were excited to receive one. Literally hundred thousands of books were distributed by our teams in the local language.

Over 300 Youth Outreaches in the first 3 weeks!

More than 18,000 decisions for Christ this week in Africa, praise God

Roman Nechay

This is Derrick. He was assisting us last month during youth outreaches.

He is now going back to visit the areas and leading bible studies with the youth. So far he visited 15 locations and is currently discipling the young new converts to follow Jesus more closely in Kabale, Uganda

Macoby Donaldson

Evangelist Macoby Donaldson shares a brief report from Rwanda, where tens of thousands have made the decision to follow Jesus in recent weeks.

Josiah Schluckebier

These are just a few of the pictures below

Field Report: Rwanda Youth Outreach

Outreaches: 13
Attendance: 4,026
Decisions for Christ: 2,698

Gabriel Garcia

A man came in a wheelchair, unable to walk due to a car accident. Doctors said he required surgery to walk again. But the Blood of Jesus is more powerful than any surgery and it made this man stand up and walk!

Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel’s first solo mission after Bootcamp was to plan 19 events together with 60 local pastors in Gaudalajara, using the Gospel Truck model – in some of the most dangerous areas of the city.

Gabriel Garcia

Gabriel Garcia was an operating room nurse when the Lord called him to Bootcamp. Now he has a vision for revival in Latin America, starting with Guadalajara, Mexico.

Josiah Schluckebier and Team

The past two days have been so amazing and fruitful! 16 Youth Outreaches – Total Salvations- 2,144

Jako Hugo and Team

Please pray for continued favor in East Africa.

Victor Saharchuk

94% of the children made a decision to follow Jesus – a decision that will change their futures

Karin Hugo

5 of the 10 CfaN youth outreaches conducted by one of the Uganda teams

Daniel Smenes and Team

We are truly taken back by the extraordinary harvest of souls over the past ten days

East Africa

New consignment of CfaN youth campaign books arrived today

Super people!

Translators for some of the CfaN teams in Uganda this Monday

Marie Tsuruda with Jennifer Elizabeth Whitaker, Michael Job and Yannick Massanell

Rwanda Gospel Campaign 90 second recap

Marie Tsuruda with Michael Job and Yannick Massanell

Our Rwanda Gospel Campaign ended with approximately 30,000 attendees for all four nights in total. With over 10,000 saved if you count all the kids, but officially 9501 documented decisions for Jesus!

Kaisa Koistinen

This week, my team shared the Gospel with around 15,000 children, and 11,000 of them made a decision for Jesus.

My day just ended. It was really good but very challenging! At the second school, high up in the mountains, it started to storm. And the tiny dirt road became complete mush. It was so dangerous. The car was slipping all over the place. It took over two hours until we were safely back down, and we were all sopping wet and covered in mud. I had to tell the men what to do to drive us down there. We grabbed stones and dug holes with them to stop the car sliding further down… a real adventure. There were 25 men helping us during those two hours and at the end, all of them got saved. This week, my team shared the Gospel with around 15,000 children, and 11,000 of them made a decision for Jesus. And that was in just five days!

Jako Hugo

Karin and myself went out for the first time by ourselves today and saw thousands responding to Jesus just like in the old days. I love this women.

Michael Job and Team in Rwanda

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” - Matthew 19:14. Thousands are coming to Jesus in Rwanda! Will you continue to pray for us? Bless you!

Niki Manninen

What a powerful night we had in Pakistan!

Jako Hugo

I am absolutely in awe to see what God has done with these Evangelist on the ground over the last 2 months.

Jennifer Whitaker, Michael Job and Team

Thousands are being saved in Rwanda everyday.

Michael Jobs and Maximilian Mundt

Rwanda Youth Campaigns

Maximilian Mundt

Thousands are receiving Jesus every day in Rwanda at our CfaN children's outreaches. I am amazed at the goodness of God and how many people are hungry to know Jesus. Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

Joe Turnbull

Heading to Krakow, Poland to minister

Over the last 24 hours God has orchestrated a team to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this critical time. Many are asking what we are going to do but the secret is we are asking Jesus what he wants to do. He has already made a way and has a divine plan. People are on the ground right now loading up vans with food and supplies headed to the borders!

Jennifer Whitaker

Thousands of children are getting saved

Yesterday our team traveled up a very large mountaintop, determined to get the message of the Gospel to the children. I believe many of them had never even heard of the name of Jesus.

Andrew Ryvko with Team in Rwanda

Samuel Hoernle

A broken knee healed

Thousands of kids are proclaiming and confessing Jesus as lord. To see this is one of the greatest privileges of our times. One outstanding testimony was of a young boy who got healed in his knee. A day before a motorbike hit him and the translator said that it was broken. After we prayed for him, he started to test it out. In the beginning he still felt pain but the more steps he takes it got better and better. In the end he was running around totally healed. After that many people who were standing around gave their lives to Jesus.

Jennifer Whitaker with Team

Had the honor and privilege of sharing the Gospel of Jesus and some of my testimony on Magic Radio in Rwanda

Rwanda – over 300,000 decisions and counting

We will never, in our lifetime, know the extent of the fruit from what has taken place here. Rwanda will benefit from Godly businesspeople, politicians, pastors, leaders, and fathers and mothers for generations to come.

Youth Campaigns in Rwanda

We have over 20 evangelists from the CfaN Evangelism Alliance that have been conducting Youth Campaigns for the past 6 weeks in Kigali and Musanze.

Tabitha Glasscock

CfaN Bootcamp gave me the tools I needed

I went into bootcamp having no real ministry background and not even being confident of my calling or ability to preach the Word of God.  I was starting from the ground floor.  However, the invaluable time that I spent in the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp not only trained me on the ins and outs of preaching a clear and concise Gospel message, but it also gave me the skills and confidence needed to be able to do it in the midst of a hectic and ever-changing schedule. 

We have more than 3000 youth outreaches planned for this small country in Africa

Marie Tsuruda

No opportunity wasted

Travel Testimony time: I led 13 adults in Dubai to Jesus on my layover to Rwanda, plus 3 Muslim kids and their mom too! I went undercover witnessing in a dozen or so “nations” at this World’s Fair type event showcasing 190 nations. I just went up to whomever God led me to, presented the Gospel using Jesus at the Door, Evangacube, prophetic witnessing style and saw people saved and healed, just whatever worked and saw the bathroom attendant saved pictured here, the lady picking up trash at the food, one person who said she had prayed God would speak to her today or she was going to take her life in depression. When I saw her, God gave me a prophetic message that just wrapped heaven around her heart in the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. I forgot to count my bus driver who I had an empty bus ride for an hour and he got born again and filled with the Holy Spirit while driving me alone on a huge bus. The harvest is ripe!

The sun is rising in Africa now. Please pray for the CfaN teams on the ground today, it makes all the difference.

Macoby Donaldson

53 Outreaches in Korogwe, Tanzania

Several of these evangelists had never preached the gospel or prayed for the sick in front of thousands of people before but because of the training they received at Bootcamp they were well equipped, and they executed it to perfection! It’s one thing to talk about a “Decade of Double Harvest” but it’s something different entirely to hear a strategy from the Lord and put that plan into action.

CfaN Evangelism Alliance with Macoby Donaldson, Jako Hugo and Joe Franklin

Daniel Smenes

Korogwe Gospel Campaign

As I´m writing this I have just returned back to the hotel after a very successful first evening of our Gospel Campaign. It is our first Campaign in a very long time and for us that made it even more special.

As the evening progressed, we felt like the city was on our doorstep and the joy during praise and worship was really incredible. As I grabbed the microphone the people of Korogwe was hanging onto every single word that I preached. I could really sense that when I was lifting up Jesus that He was drawing towards Himself with a mighty pull.

As I prayed for the sick, we saw many mighty miracles:

  • Esther had reduced hearing on both ears. No medicine was of any help to her and her mother was having problems communicating to her. As we prayed, Jesus unstopped both her ears, and as we tested her ears, she could hear us all well!
  • Saum Bella came to the field unable to stand and walk. Since she had malaria, she had not been walking for one and a half years. This night she was walking up on the platform, standing there giving Jesus the glory for her miracle!
  • A young Muslim lady came boldly to the stage. She had seen our posters and felt that she should come to the field this night to be healed. She had a chest pain and could not sleep well at night because of it. No medicine or any doctor could help her. She felt a great release during prayer and was totally healed.

Macoby Donaldson

Korogwe, Tanzania

I just got back from the field where I was able to visit a Gospel Campaign put on by some of the CfaN Bootcamp graduates of the Spring 2021 Bootcamp class. To see this team of evangelists that didn’t know each other just a few months ago, now working together, like a family, to win thousands to Christ is certainly one of the most pure and hopeful things I’ve witnessed on the mission field.

Our youth outreaches teams have now conducted 353 CfaN Youth Outreaches in Rwanda since the start of the year.

Well over 100 000 Salvations in CfaN Youth Outreaches in East Africa over the last month. Praise God!

Randy Roberts

Preparing the ground – collaboration campaigns

Started the day at the Indian Ocean preparing for a Gospel Campaign with Denis Artyushevskiy in Beira, Mozambique and ended it looking at the Atlantic Ocean with Bishop Mulisa James as we begin to prepare the ground in Luanda, Angola .

Beira September 2022
Luanda October 2022
“….behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” John 4:35

Paula Saari

This picture is from this morning. Over 3000 youth hearing the Good News of Jesus.

Mark Morozov

Outreach in Oregon, USA

Let’s ask for more, let’s knock for more, let’s seek out for more. What a powerful weekend it was in Oregon/WA area! God moved in such a powerful way. Many saved, refreshed, healed, and delivered.

Andrew Ryvko leading the growing CfaN Youth Outreach team in Rwanda

CfaN associate Evangelist teams

This was end of last year in Nigeria. In a couple of weeks, CfaN associate evangelist teams will arrive in East Africa for the CfaN Youth Outreaches.

Youth Outreach

CfaN associate evangelist team in Nigeria

Nigeria, Ibadan

CfaN associate evangelist reaching the youth