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Did you know there are outreaches happening daily all over the world, in collaboration with CfaN Evangelism Alliance members? Every week, thousands are choosing Jesus.

Fire Camp – Japan

In February, we held the first Japanese Fire Camp in Tokyo with around 40 students.

The students were mainly from Japan. 10 leaders that came from several different nations to train and equip the Japanese evangelists. Twice during the week, we preached the gospel out in the open with a microphone and had countless individual conversations with the people. Many had never even heard the name of Jesus but wanted to know more, and by the end of the Fire Camp, around 50 people had accepted Jesus into their lives in the nation with just around 2% Christians.

Fire Camp – Thailand

This year’s first Fire Camp in January was in Chiang Mai, Thailand – our biggest Fire Camp so far!

At the end of the training, we graduated nearly 170 students! 72 of the students came from Myanmar, and the majority of the remaining students were Thai. We also graduated a few European students, plus one from Cambodia and one from Pakistan. During the training, they went out into the streets of Chiang Mai and preached the Gospel, leading 235 souls to Christ in only a few hours during two afternoons of outreach!

Fire Camp – Germany

Fire Camp 24 – Kassel (Germany)

CfaN Bootcamp

Bootcamp graduate Dario Giustino with Daniel Kolenda.

Dario Giustino in Nigeria
Bootcamp – Dario Giustino with Daniel Kolenda

CfaN Bootcamp – Dora Orozco

I will definitely miss Nigeria

CfaN Bootcamp

Bootcamp 6 kicked off today. Karin and I are honored to be coaches once again. Please pray that these students will become mighty evangelists of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God.

CfaN Bootcamp Graduate Justin Konietzki

The biggest Title I bear is being a Son. My identity is not in a certificate.

Aba region, Nigeria

During our Aba Gospel Campaign, we had our gospel truck drive into nearby villages and cities to reach the locals. With the trucks being so compact and mobile, they are able to go all kinds of places we would usually not be able to reach!

The Word of God is no different whether it’s preached in a marketplace or in front of a crowd of thousands. His promises are always the same. So, when the teams preached the Gospel, they also prayed for the sick, and God showed up with the miraculous, proving His word over and over again. People were healed, saved, and set free! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful regardless of location!

CfaN Bootcamp

CfaN Bootcamp Graduate Nathanael Ehn

Nathanael Ehn
Nathanael Ehn with Daniel Kolenda


Yesterday in Africa. Please pray for the CfaN teams conducting outreaches today.


Gospel Outreach with Dora Orozco in Nigeria


Travis Fehr sharing stories with young people about God's love and grace.

Paula Saari with Olukotun Tayo

Our first Gospel Truck outreach from today was great success.

Karin Hugo with Team

Following last week's successful outreach events, we invite you to join us in prayer for the upcoming week's activities as we continue to share the message of Christ with young people.

Karin Hugo with Team

First outreach yesterday

Paula Saari and Áron Szabó

In Nigeria, the Gospel is being shared with the younger generation.

Karin Hugo with Team

Youth Outreaches

From Cape Town to Cairo!

50th Anniversary Launch in Cape Town

On Sunday 18 February, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda was in Cape Town, South Africa for the launch of CfaN’s 50 anniversary campaigns in 2024 at Hillsong Church. It was a powerful and glorious night!

Cape Town, South Africa

50th Anniversary Banquet

Friends and partners of CfaN gathered to celebrate this historic milestone, and also to raise funds to sponsor one of the 50 Gospel Campaigns happening this year.

School of Evangelism

Over 40 CfaN-trained evangelists (graduates of Bootcamp and School of Evangelism) are in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over 57,000 people have given their lives to Jesus in the past two weeks there. This week there will be a mass campaign on the field where the Big Tent was pitched in 1984!

Aba, Nigeria

Billboards have been put up everywhere in the city, advertising the four big Gospel Campaigns that will be happening in the end of February and beginning of March, where Daniel Kolenda and other CfaN evangelists will preach.

Karin Hugo with Team

Youth Outreaches in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Gospel Invasion

CfaN-trained evangelists are conducting youth outreaches, hitting the streets, markets, and malls with the Good News of Jesus Christ, marking the beginning of our 50th anniversary celebrations this year.

Paula Saari and Team – Aba, Nigeria

This week in Nigeria has been powerful! Thousands of young people embraced Jesus. Effective evangelism and favor are moving us to new places. Our goal: reach as many with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel Afolabi and Team – Aba, Nigeria

We preached about Jesus and witnessed mighty salvations and healings.

Karin Hugo – South Africa

Last outreach of Friday, please pray for Monday

Paula Saari – Aba, Nigeria

Our last outreach of today with the Gospel Trucks was awesome! Precious people of Nigeria came to listen the message, “Now is the time of Salvation” and hundreds of them received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Emmanuel Afolabi and Team – Aba, Nigeria

Gospel Trucks in action in Aba

Gospel Trucks in action in Aba, Nigeria

Nathanael Ehn

At this one Gospel Truck outreach we preached the Gospel of Jesus and many came to the front to surrender their lives to Jesus. Afterwards we preached on healing and prayed for the sick.

Many came to testify of their healing, but one lady who was actually one our counsellors came to testify that she was healed of 25 years of throat pain. She said that all the pain is gone.

Paula Saari and Emmanuel Afolabi and Team – Aba, Nigeria

On the second day of ministering here, people are so hungry for Jesus! Today, we started preaching with Gospel Trucks.

Emmanuel Afolabi – Aba, Nigeria

It was a privilege to preach on the Gospel-Truck as a leader and lead many to Jesus today in Aba, Nigeria. I preached the crystal clear Gospel, and hundreds of people came forward to receive and follow Jesus.

Karin Hugo and Team

This was today, praise God, please pray for supernatural favor and safety for the teams for tomorrow

Karin Hugo and Team

First CfaN-Outreach today, please pray for open hearts and doors in Jesus name

Jako and Karin Hugo and Team

Spending time with these wonderful Swiss evangelists today. Please pray for the mission starting tomorrow. God bless you.

Karin Hugo and Team

This was last week, please pray for supernatural open doors this week