Decapolis Blog Summer 2021

Decapolis means "ten cities". We will be doing 10 Gospel Campaigns in Tanzania this year. This summer we will be in five cities and in fall, we will visit another five cities.

Update from Crusade Director David Clementi in Tanzania!

Preparing for Five Gospel Campaigns!

Loading the last of our five containers which we will drive to the Decapolis Gospel Campaign in Tanzania.

The first Gospel truck for east africa is ready to be taken this week to Tanzania as well to be used to preach the gospel around Tanzania with our Bootcamp graduates.

Today we saw the 5th truck which we ordered last year -its fully assembled, and are just waiting for some release papers from the office and will soon take it into our possession.

We Need to Come and Unite Together for the Sake of Salvation

Operation Decapolis is underway! Director Bret Sipek and Gospel Campaign Director Denis Artyushevskiy visited the five cities where five Gospel Campaign will take place in Tanzania this June! Bishops, pastors, leaders, and elders shared their excitement and expectations for unity with our team!