Last day – Day 4

Message from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Last night was the final meeting of our CfaN Gospel Campaign in Nakuru, Kenya. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda recorded a message to our mission partners from the campaign field, where God did glorious things this week.

This woman fell from a motorbike, so she had pain in her wrist and was unable to bend for 4 years. She felt a shock go through her during the Fire Conference and no longer has any pain.

He had pain in his left shoulder for 10 years. Now the pain is gone, and he can lift his arm again.

This woman (standing with her husband) was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and was feeling very ill. Her doctor confirmed today that she is healed.

Day 4


Holy Spirit Night

Highlights from Day 3

During every CfaN Gospel Campaign, we take Saturday evening to focus on the Holy Spirit. After a salvation message, Daniel Kolenda preaches about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and how every Christian needs the Holy Spirit, to walk a life of power and purpose in God. Then we pray – and the Lord does the rest, as multiplied thousands are filled with the Holy Spirit.

CfaN Gospel Campaign in Nakuru, Kenya

Day 2 Highlights

As the sun was rising this morning over the Rift Valley in Nakuru, Kenya, it illuminated an amazing scene. By 6:30 AM, thousands of pastors and church leaders had already gathered on our campaign field, under the African sky, to hear the Word of God. One local pastor said to Peter Vandenberg that he has never seen anything like it – not even in the churches – much less on an open field. There is truly a tremendous hunger here for the things of God, even among the leaders. This, to me, is a great sign that God is doing something powerful in Nakuru.

He was deaf in his right ear for 6 years and can hear now

Her pain disappeared once the witchcraft stuff was burnt.

She had arthritis for 7 years. She had to sit often because of the pain.

James had pain in his right shoulder for 2 years. After prayer all pain is gone and he can lift his arm.

For 6 years she had back pain and after prayer she can bend down without pain.

He suffered from arthritis and was on painkillers for 2 years. After prayer the pain left.

I am joined this week by a number of amazing men and women of God from around the world.

Eddie James and his team, all the way from the USA, leading us in beautiful and powerful worship each night.

A team of evangelists

Together they saw well over 200,000 decisions for Christ before the Campaign even started!

Also, I have a team of evangelists – graduates from the School of Evangelism, who have been ministering here for the last seven weeks. They have conducted more than 600 outreaches – sometimes over 30 in one day.

Last night Michael confirmed to the crowd what he had already said many times – he is not Jesus.

Last night I asked one of those evangelists, Michael Job, to share with the people. He is an actor at the Holy Land Experience who plays Jesus. Some local journalists had published the false report that Michael was claiming to be the real Jesus. It generated quite a bit of publicity, even making headlines on Fox News and the BBC (online). Last night Michael confirmed to the crowd what he had already said many times – he is not Jesus. But he took the opportunity to give glory to the one and only King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The name of the real Jesus was lifted up.

Tonight, I asked another one of those evangelists, Jared Horton, to share for a few minutes before I preached.

He told them the story of a young lady in one of the schools where they ministered. She had been given a braided piece of cloth to tie around her waist by a witchdoctor who told her that it would protect her against evil spirits. Meanwhile, this young lady had become completely possessed. As our team ministered in that school, this young lady was dramatically delivered. Afterward, she voluntarily gave that cloth to Jared as a testimony to her newfound freedom.

After that testimony, we burned drums full of witchcraft juju that many people surrendered, and broke the curses in Jesus’ name. One lady testified that she was healed when the curses were broken. Many other wonderful testimonies of healing followed, including deaf ears, stomach ulcers, asthma, arthritis and all kinds of pain and paralysis.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us.

Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Short update from the Gospel Campaign field!

God is on the move in Nakuru, and these are the days of harvest! Thank you for your continued prayers. 

Day 1 Highlights

First night of CfaN’s Gospel Campaign in Nakuru. It starts like this… “As we arrived on the field tonight, ominous rain clouds threatened to drown out our open-air meeting. After a few minutes, we could see a wall of water just on the perimeter of the field coming down in thick sheets. But it was as though the glory of God hung over the field, like a protective canopy. Only light, refreshing sprinkles of rain fell on the field. The moment I stood to preach, even the sprinkles stopped.”

She came with crutches tonight and walks without now.

She had Arthritis since 1989 and used crutches for 7 years. Now she doesn't need them anymore.

She fell last year and hurt her back. She also had a growth under her arm, which disappeared after prayer. The pain in the back is also gone.

He was an acrobat before and broke his back, which he couldn't bend before. He can now, and demonstrates his acrobatic skills on stage.

Eddie James, a well-known American worship leader, leads the worship.

Daniel Kolenda preaches about healing.

The first night of our campaign here in Nakuru, Kenya has just come to a close. As we arrived on the field tonight, ominous rain clouds threatened to drown out our open-air meeting. After a few minutes, we could see a wall of water just on the perimeter of the field coming down in thick sheets. But it was as though the glory of God hung over the field, like a protective canopy. Only light, refreshing sprinkles of rain fell on the field. The moment I stood to preach, even the sprinkles stopped.

I preached the Gospel and the people responded with open hearts. Wonderful miracles happened when I prayed for the sick. The most interesting healing was an acrobat whose back had been broken. He was totally healed tonight. I asked him to bend over and test his back in front of the crowd. He must have misunderstood me because he got down onto the ground and contorted his body in the most amazing way. He was standing on his hands with his legs completely bent behind his back until his feet dangled in front of his face.

Peter Vandenberg starts his message about 'First steps in receiving the power of God' Ezekiel 7. The valley of dry bones.

The Fire Conference also began this morning as Peter Vandenberg and John Darku taught thousands of pastors and church workers. These are the men and women who will be discipling the new converts that are saved this week. That is why the Fire Conference is such an important part of the Campaigns. 

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s arrival in Nakuru earlier this week

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN Gospel Campaign team arrived in Nakuru, Kenya earlier this week. They were greeted with great joy by the local churches and officials, and there was a tremendous sense of anticipation. Everyone is expecting an unforgettable encounter with God this week.


Tarpaulins are cleaned

A generator is delivered to the field.

A billboard spreads the good news of the upcoming Gospel Campaign.

A carpenter built some stairs for one of our equipment containers.

Some of the technical team take a moment to smile for the cameras.

It’s a never-ending job to keep the equipment working.

If something goes wrong, it has to be fixed on the spot.

It takes many people to move just one of the giant speakers.

Putting the Sound Towers together

Local volunteers help with off-loading of the CfaN equipment.

Unusually, 30% of local helpers are women

Preparing the campaign field includes digging ditches for the cables.

The CfaN trucks get ready to leave for the Nakuru campaign

Last-minute checks before the CfaN trucks get on their way. The stage trussing is carefully inspected before being packed. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Over 129,000 salvations in 3 weeks in Nakuru!

I am excited to share with you that our pre-campaign team of evangelists have seen over 129,000 salvations in just three weeks of ministering in the schools throughout Nakuru, Kenya! Nearly half of the total decisions were received this past week alone while visiting 150 schools and seeing over 60,000 young people give their lives to Jesus.

While we rejoice and stand in awe of what God has done thus far, our team isn’t slowing down at all. Instead, with over 3 weeks left of outreach before the main campaign next month, we are only increasing our efforts to maximize on this window of opportunity. The young people of Nakuru are being impacted by the Gospel and seeds are being sown that will bring salvation to entire families and villages, producing lasting fruit in Kenya.

Thank you for your partnership and for standing with us to make this all a reality. Please continue to pray for our pre-campaign team as we continue to minister – and for the main campaign which takes place from August 8 – 11 in Nakuru, Kenya.

Yours in the Gospel,

Daniel Kolenda

Over 30,000 salvations in first week of pre-campaign outreach

Dear Missions Partners,

I want to share some exciting news with you! As part of our ‘Decade of Double Harvest’ initiative, we have been hard at work increasing our efforts to see 150 million souls saved within the next decade. In fact, just last year when I announced the use of our Gospel Trucks for pre-campaign village outreach, I stated that I believe the days are soon coming where we will see as many or more people saved BEFORE the campaign than during it’… and I believe those days have come!

Eventually, we will have Gospel Trucks in East Africa, just as we do in West Africa. But we’re not waiting around for that to happen. In preparation for our next African Gospel Campaign on August 8-11 in Nakuru, Kenya, we already have a team of evangelists on the ground paving the way for Kenya to be shaken by the Gospel! This team of just four evangelists have each beenpersonally trained by myself and played a role in our pre-campaign outreaches in the past. Now, to impact Kenya’s high population of young people, we have set our sights on ministering in the schools, meeting them where they congregate together each day.

This past week our pre-campaign outreach team has preached the gospel in 51 schools (mostly public) and has seen over 33,000 decisions to follow Jesus! I believe what is happening right now is unprecedented and will lead to the salvation of entire families… and this is just the beginning!

Thank you for partnering with us both prayerfully and financially to reach these precious young people of Kenya. Please continue to pray as there is still another month left of outreach leading up to the main campaign event in August. The best is yet to come, In Jesus’ name!

Yours in the Gospel,
Daniel Kolenda

Nakuru, Kenya 08 – 11 August 2019

A busy, prosperous town

Nakuru is the fourth-largest city in Kenya. It is situated in Nakuru County in the mid-West of the nation and lies near the Mau Escarpment on the north shore of Lake Nakuru. It is only 153 km from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Nakuru has a thriving economy based on manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. It’s also well-known as a student town, with many campuses for various tertiary institutions. The city itself has a population of around 300,000 people, with as many as 1.6 million in Nakuru County.

Who lives in Nakuru?

The Kikuyu and the Kalenjin are the dominant communities in Nakuru, but you will find representatives of many other tribes, including Luo, Luhyia, Mambo and Kisii. English is the most common language, used for business and education everywhere. Most people have a home language(such as Kalenjin) but also speak Kiswahili.

CfaN’s history in Nakuru

CfaN last visited this important town in 1999, a full generation ago. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the meetings, and over It is time to declare the power of the Gospel in this region and this city again.