Sunday, 6 September 2015

250,000 at Final Meeting

Our final meeting here in Lusaka, Zambia came to a climax tonight as the crowd grew from 150,000 last night to 250,000 tonight. I mention these numbers because they say something about the dynamics in the city. This can only happen when Jesus is touching people in dramatic ways. They are talking about it everywhere and the nation is buzzing!

Not only did the hundreds of thousands on the field hear the gospel through the week, but Radio Christian Voice broadcasted the meetings live all across the country. The gospel was heard in Kitwe, Livingstone, Ndola, Solwezi and beyond!

Testimonies have been flooding in of people’s lives touched in so many different ways … like this one from a man named James, I have never felt closer to God than this. After attending the campaign for three days and when Evangelist Daniel Kolenda taught about people and the gift of the Holy Spirit being for them and their children as prophesied by Joel, the following happened to me, I spoke in strange tongues. I’ve never experienced this before because I spoke a foreign language fluently…

Musonda said, My faith is at a different level thanks to you, feel like preaching the gospel to whoever I meet … I experienced God's love at a whole new level. I feel He is much closer than before.”

Leya said, “Thank God I was there and got baptized in the Holy Spirit. I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit like never before. It was an amazing experience. To God be the glory!”

Sunday, after I preached the Gospel, I asked evangelist Scott Lee to pray for the sick and we heard wonderful testimonies of healing. A woman with an issue of blood for 10-years was healed. A crippled man got out of his wheelchair. Many people with different kinds of pain were healed. A man with HIV AIDS received prayer earlier in the week and went to the doctor for another test. Tonight he brought two test results – one from earlier that said, “HIV POSITIVE” and one from after prayer that said, “HIV NEGATIVE.”

Thank you so much for praying throughout the week. The Lord has surely heard and answered our prayers. Zambia will never be the same again. I’m heading back to Florida where we are holding our School of Evangelism all week. We are already looking forward to being back in Africa in a few weeks – this time in Blantyre, Malawi.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team