Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda in Prague

Europe shall be saved!

Six years ago, Reinhard Bonnke shared a vision the Lord had given him where he saw the streets of European cities overflowing with salvation, joy, healing and deliverance. In his vision, two voices spoke. One asked, “What about Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke?” And the second voice answered, “Evangelist Bonnke was a forerunner of a whole new generation of Holy Spirit anointed evangelists”, and he understood that this dream would come true in the next twenty years.

We are surely seeing the realization of that vision now! This Summer, Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda came to support the vision for Europe that burns in the hearts of Evangelist Ben Fitzgerald and his GodFest ministry – organizers of the Awakening Europe Festivals. Prague became the third city to host Awakening Europe, with a flood of people from over 40 nations coming to share their faith on the streets of this beautiful city. “New Reformation” was a subtitle of the event, celebrating 500 years of reformation here, where John Huss (the father of reformation) once preached the Gospel. But this festival was not about the past, but about bringing a new mighty move of God back to the city, and to the whole of Europe.

The vision is becoming reality. With Awakening Europe Festivals, the Holy Spirit Night Movement, CfaN Gospel campaigns in Europe and more, we know that God is on the move.

Please keep us in your prayers for our next CfaN Gospel Campaigns and Fire Conferences in Europe. Europe shall be saved!