Two Collaboration Campaigns in Angola with Evangelist Randy Roberts

Evangelist Randy Roberts (Radical Walk) is teaming up with CfaN this week and next week to hold two big Gospel Campaigns in Angola, Southern Africa. Tonight is the first meeting, and we're expecting a powerful move of God in this nation.

Day 4 – Campo do Petro, Luanda – Angola

It was a glorious final night for the first of two Gospel Campaigns in Luanda, Angola.

Evangelist Randy Roberts (CfaN Bootcamp graduate) preached the Gospel with power and thousands made the decision to follow Jesus.

Day 4 – Luanda, Angola

This woman had a tumor in her left breast since 2013.

In the past year it had grown to the size of a mango.  After we prayed she went home and when she woke up it was completely gone! Those are her medical reports in her hands that she brought to show us.

Day 4 – Luanda, Angola


Day 3 – Luanda, Angola

Holy Spirit Night

Peter Vandenberg (CfaN) preached powerfully at the Fire Conference in the morning, and Evangelist Randy Roberts invited people to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit that night. Watch highlights from Day Three of the Gospel Campaign in Luanda.

Only the Power of the Gospel

We’ve seen countless miracles the first two nights of the first Gospel Campaign here in Angola. 

Sometimes it’s easy to think that miracles only involve the healing of physical problems, but God does so much more than that. 

Day 2

On Friday night we “light the barrels” for the first time. This is when we have the people bring all kinds of witchcraft items and put them into two 55-gallon drums which we then burn.

I preach on the “The Power of the Blood of Jesus”. Then I rebuke all of the local curses and foul spirits in Jesus’ name.

Day 2

Yesterday a young man named José was at the Gospel Campaign, but he hadn’t had the same day as others in the crowd. José was recently released from prison and had been disowned by his family and friends.

He had come to such a place of despair that he spent the last of his money buying poison to kill himself. You could have heard a pin drop as he described negotiating with the shopkeeper so he could afford the poison that was meant to end his life. 

Then a funny thing happened on his way to eat the poison and “go to sleep”. He saw a Gospel Campaign banner that was hanging over the road that led to the field. So, he thought he would go and listen before he continued with his plan of suicide.

He listened to the message but didn’t pray the prayer of salvation. Then we lit the barrels, and I rebuked the devil and every foul spirit. As I was doing this, he said he felt a heaviness like a thick blanket lift off him and he no longer wanted to kill himself. Instead, he wanted to burn the poison that was meant to take his life. PRAISE GOD FOREVER!

The crowd erupted as he finished telling us how Jesus had spared his life. Then he made a decision even bigger than burning the poison – he made Jesus his Lord and Savior!

This is why we come. This is why we lay down our lives. It is why we trust God against impossible odds. It is why we spend every cent we have. Because we know our great Father in heaven is looking for those like José. 

As Reverend Vandenberg and I were rejoicing over what had happened to José on the way back to the hotel, he said “Only the power of the Gospel could do that. No medicine or treatment can accomplish what the Gospel can!” 
Only the power of the Gospel indeed!

Thank you Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Christ for all Nations for teaching me how to reap the harvest most effectively. From the preparation to the preaching of the same messages you have equipped me to fulfill my call!!

Randy Roberts

Day 2 – Luanda, Angola

Deliverance and healing in Jesus' Name

Jesus saves and heals! From a man on his way to kill himself, to a woman who suffered in pain until Jesus touched her - watch this short video of highlights from Night Two of the Radical Walk/ CfaN Gospel Campaign in Luanda, Angola, and witness how God changes lives today. 

Fire Conference

Meet Albertina

She is 12 years old and before this night she had never taken a step. Her mama carried her to the field, but after an encounter with the King of Kings they walked home hand in hand! This was the first testimony of the Gospel Campaign.

Day 1 – Luanda, Angola

Evangelist Randy Roberts (Radical Walk) is teaming up with CfaN to conduct TWO Gospel Campaigns in Angola's capital city, Luanda. Here are highlights from the first night.

Day 1

Fire Conference

Luanda, Angola

Gospel Campaign preparations in Luanda, Angola

Evangelist Randy Roberts (Radical Walk) and Christ for all Nations are collaborating with TWO Gospel Campaigns in Angola, this week and next week. We are believing God for a flood of salvations and healings in Jesus' name!

Luanda, Angola

Preparations in Luanda