Day 4

A message from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda in Warri

Daniel Kolenda has a message for all those who prayed for our team as they made their way to Warri, battling impossible odds. Every moment of that journey was worth it! Tens of thousands received Jesus as their Savior, and there were wonderful testimonies of healing. Warri will never be the same.

Final meeting in Warri

Joyful Celebration

Last night was the final meeting of the campaign in Warri, Nigeria and the excitement of what God has been doing all week was evident as from early on tens of thousands of people began converging on the field.

This same excitement greeted us when we arrived, with leading bishops and pastors crowding around us to report with sparkling eyes that during the day, which was Sunday, their churches were filled to capacity with new converts. The Chairman of the campaign stressed that this happened in not just some but in all the many participating churches.

As the meeting began, the crowd of 200,000 people sang praises to the Lord which culminated in joyful celebration when the two steel drums filled with witchcraft items that had been surrendered by new converts, was set on fire. The feeling of freedom and deliverance in the air was almost palpable as many literally danced a victory dance around the burning drums.

Right after this celebration, Daniel Kolenda took the microphone and began to preach the gospel with power and authority. I stood in the crowd listening during the message and I was deeply moved by the impact that his words were having on the people. By the time it came to the call for salvation, I could hear hundreds of people right around me crying out to the Lord for forgiveness and for His salvation. It was definitely a moment recorded in heaven as thousands of counsellors began filling out the converts’ details and handing them their follow-up booklets.

Like every meeting, Daniel then prayed for those needing a healing in Jesus’s name, and after the prayer, people who had felt the healing touch of the Lord were invited to move toward the platform to share their new testimonies.

A man who had suffered from ear pain with discharge for ten years, was instantly healed. He came to show us all what had happened.

A woman who had severe sight impairment because of cataracts in both eyes, was completely healed and demonstrated her clear vision.

A woman who had restricted movement in her right arm since the age of six, was healed and rejoiced because she now had full movement.

When the meeting came to a close with a prayer of blessing for the nation of Nigeria and its leaders, the team and the great crowd felt the sadness of parting but also the joy of seeing what the Lord had done during these historic days together.

As we drove away from the field, tired but happy, we thought of the unimaginable difficulties that the whole team had gone through to get to the city of Warri, due to weather-related airline diversions. But on reflection, these waned into insignificance in the light of the avalanche of salvation, healing and deliverance that resulted from the team’s perseverance in pushing through when it looked impossible.

We thank all of you who have prayed and are praying for us, and who have enabled us financially to do this event. You will share in the harvester’s reward and the rejoicing in heaven.

Peter Vandenberg

On behalf of Daniel Kolenda
and the whole CfaN team

My donation for the campaign in Warri

A woman who had severe sight impairment because of cataracts in both eyes, was completely healed and demonstrated her clear vision.

Day 4


Day 3

Holy Spirit power in Warri - highlights

Join in the move of God in Warri, with this final highlights video from the CfaN campaign. Tens of thousands were saved, and many received their healing – and the presence of the Lord was felt by all who were there.

Day 3

Miracles – Old and new!

Tonight was very special. It started when I arrived on the field and heard from the campaign chairman about a report circulating around town. Last night, while I was praying for the sick, I saw a crippled man being powerfully touched by God in his seat. I went down to pray for him. While I was down there, a mother put a dead baby in my arms. She had been brought by the doctor for prayer. The baby’s little eyes were rolled back in its head, its body was limp and smelled very bad. I held the baby for a short time and then gave the body, still limp, back to the mother. The chairman told me that later that night, the baby resurrected!The word has spread all around. We are trying to find the mother now. I want to see first-hand what has happened.

Then I got word that another woman was present who had been healed 31 years ago when CfaN came to Warri in 1989. I was not there back then, but Peter Vandenberg, who witnessed the miracle firsthand says,

“One night a young girl of fourteen years of age came to the campaign meeting as she had heard that people were being healed in answer to prayer. Her need was great because she had been involved in an accident some years before that had resulted in many broken bones, and because of delayed medical attention, the broken bones had set at grotesque angles. This caused her to walk with great difficulty as her body was permanently bent over to the left side. 

At the campaign meeting Reinhard Bonnke had, as usual, prayed for the sick after the Gospel altar call and she came forward right after that to testify that during the prayer, her bones had cracked loudly and suddenly she was able to stand upright and walk with ease. She demonstrated this on the platform to the joyful crowd.

The next day when she went to school, her class was in uproar when they saw what God had done for her. It wasn’t long before the news spread across the whole school and all classes stopped for the day as students rushed to see the miracle that had taken place in her body.

I decided that I would open the meeting tonight by sharing these testimonies. I had intended just to encourage the people with what God has done and then preach and pray for the sick at the end (as usual). But once the woman had shared her testimony, the faith level of the people was very high, and I could sense that the power of the Lord was present to heal. So, I started praying for the sick right away and miracles started happening all over the place!

Several blind eyes and deaf ears opened (about half a dozen each). A number of physically disabled people walked. One woman, 21 years old, had been deaf in her right ear since birth. She was healed tonight and can now hear perfectly. A couple lifelong severe asthmatics were completely healed. Both were very emotional, weeping as they could breathe deeply and freely for the first time in their lives.

Many other healings also took place – before I had even preached the Gospel. I reassured the pastors and theologians on the platform that this was not unbiblical. Even Jesus was known as mighty in word and deed (in that order) and Luke tells us in Acts 1:1 about all the things Jesus began to do and teach (in that order). Sometimes it is ok for the demonstration to come first and the message to follow. There was a wonderful response to the Gospel and many came to Christ.

Also, because we missed the first day of the campaign, I had to make up for lost time tonight. I broke the curses by name, we burned fetishes and all manner of “juju” and I prayed for the people to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. There was a rich and wonderful sense of the presence of the Lord throughout.

Tomorrow is the final meeting here. Please continue to pray for us. The best is yet to come.

For the last 10 years, she couldn’t bend her right leg and had pain from knee to thigh. Now she can bend fully without pain. She hasn’t been able to get pregnant – so Daniel prays for women who want to conceive.

Deaf since birth in her left ear, she can now hear. Daniel tests her on stage.

She couldn't breathe in deep before without pain for her entire life (23 years). Now she can take deep breaths.

She had severe pain for 5 years and can move without pain now.

Fire Conference

Daniel prays for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and then leaves the platform to lay hands on the people.

Fire Conference

Peter starts his message, “Final steps in receiving the power of God."

Day 3


Highlights from Day 2

Although it was the second night of the campaign in Warri, it was the first night that Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN ministry team were there, because of the dust storm that delayed them for days. Utterly weary, they made it to Warri just minutes before the meeting started. But the Holy Spirit was there already! Watch this video for highlights of the second meeting, where many wonderful salvations and miracles happened.

A message from Daniel Kolenda


Several years ago, at a School of Evangelism in London, during a Q&A session, a student asked Reinhard Bonnke what was the secret to the success of Christ for all Nations. I thought Reinhard might say something about anointing, prayer, wisdom or powerful preaching. Instead his answer was very different. He responded with one word: “Perseverance.”

This week, my respect and admiration for the CfaN team has gone to a whole new level. I have seen a level of commitment and perseverance that is difficult to grasp unless you’re here to witness it. We have all had a thousand good reasons to turn back. But every last one pressed forward without wavering. 

These have been the most challenging travel conditions any of us have ever seen. Even our travel agent said in her 25 years of doing her job, she’s never seen anything like it. This morning, our last connection was canceled yet again, so we piled into cars and vans and drove for 8 hours. We finally arrived by car in Warri, Nigeria for the Gospel Campaign, just minutes before it began. This is the first campaign of the year and the first one held since Evangelist Bonnke’s passing. But I am sure he is smiling in heaven to see that we are still persevering against all odds for the sake of the Gospel. 

Because many of us missed last night’s meeting, I wondered if the crowd would return. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the crusade field to find over 120,000 people gathered! Eddie James and his team took the stage without a sound check, without rehearsal, and blew everyone away. Obviously, they had been part of the convoy that was traveling for days and arrived in Warri just as the campaign was starting. I know they were tired, but they led with passion. They were powerful and anointed and led us all into the presence of God.

I must admit, I felt like I was in a daze all night from sheer exhaustion. Even now as I write, it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open. Yet, despite my personal physical weakness, God moved powerfully tonight. Many thousands responded to the Gospel, deaf ears opened, a bullet lodged in a man’s chest from a gunshot disappeared, a man’s hernia was healed, and many other miracles took place - much more than we could interview. 

Tomorrow, we will begin again with renewed strength. Please continue to pray for us and for Warri. 

She could not lift her right arm before, and now she can.

This boy was deaf in his left ear. Daniel tests him after prayer and he can hear.

He is a soccer player and was injured and could not bend then anymore. Now he can bend and even do push-ups.

Day 2

Daniel and team arrive at last in Warri

After an incredible, exhausting journey, rerouted through many African and Middle Eastern countries, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the ministry team made it to Warri in Nigeria. The worst dust storm in years will not prevent us preaching the Gospel in this place!

This is the video of their arrival in Warri, on their way to the start of the meeting last night.

Day 2


Day 1

Pressing on – undaunted!

The last few days have been a whirlwind. Much has happened with a couple things I’ve never seen before.

At the moment I am stranded, together with several other CfaN team members, along with Eddie James and his team, in Lagos, Nigeria. Our campaign this week is in the city of Warri, but an extraordinary dust storm has reduced visibility to almost nothing and major airlines ceased operation until further notice. Most of our team has been traveling for several days, having been diverted to various African and Middle Eastern nations. Some flights even returned home. Our team has been relentless, refusing to go home.We have pressed forward, one flight at a time, sleeping on the floor in airports, standing in lines for flights only for them to be cancelled. Finally, when all else failed, we flew with small local operators in terrible conditions, putting our own safety at risk to be here. Most of our team has been traveling for three or four days straight! We had hoped to make it, by some miracle, before the first night of the campaign started. But that was last night, and we are still in Lagos this morning. 

The bad news is that we missed the first meeting. Amazingly, however, more than 70,000 people turned up on the first night! I preached the Gospel on the huge screens by way of video. When we were raising funds for those screens, I never imagined they would eventually play such a vital role. Today we will press on to Warri and, God willing, be present for the meeting tonight in person.

The Send

Saturday I was in Brazil for The Send.

Also, another first: Saturday I was in Brazil for The Send. I know that many of you know about this. It has been very visible on social media the last few days. For those that might not be aware, The Send is a collaboration, led by seven ministries, of which CfaN is one. When we first decided to go to Brazil, we rented the largest stadium in Sao Paulo (Morumbi Stadium which seats 70,000 people). When registrations opened, it sold out in 6 hours, beating the stadium’s previous record for sell-out time. We decided to rent the second largest stadium in the same city. It sold out in three days. We took the leap of faith to rent a third stadium in Brasilia – the capital. On February 8th I preached in three stadiums in two cities within 8 hours – something I have never done before! While driving to the second stadium, the Lord gave me the words of Amos 9:13: 

“‘Behold, the days are coming,’ declares the LORD, ‘when the plowman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.’”

These are the days of harvest. What we have seen so far is only the beginning. The days are coming when we will look back on what God did in the past and realize that it pales in comparison. I believe it with all my heart – the best is yet to come! 

Thank you for praying for us and standing with us. Please continue as we press forward in Jesus’ name.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
together with the whole CfaN team

Though the Harmattan has stranded many of our team, who are still pressing on to Warri, over 70,000 people came to the first meeting.

The construction work in Warri is progressing well. We are on schedule for the campaign starting on Thursday.

Intercession and prayer teams of the participating churches are working around the field
Intercession and prayer teams of the participating churches are working around the field
There's always something to fix
There's always something to fix

Together with volunteers from different churches in Warri, we started to offload our equipment.

Driving from Lagos to Warri

13 – 16 February 2020

Warri, Nigeria

Warri is a bustling, lively port city in Delta State, Nigeria. It is situated along the Warri River, in the western Niger River Delta.


There are now estimated to be around 865,000 people living in the urban area of Warri. This has more than doubled since 2003, when CfaN was last in this city.


The people of Warri are known for their unique brand of pidgin English, which they are very proud of, and enjoy confounding “English speakers” with.

Trade and Commerce

Warri has been a hub of trade and industry for centuries. As long ago as the 15th century, their “obis” or kings, had a great deal of contact with Portuguese traders. Long a market center for local produce as well as a port, the city gained new economic importance when oil and natural gas were discovered in the 1970s. Manufacturing includes thriving steel and glass works.

Local Culture

The Warri people are well-known for their liveliness and their go-getter attitudes. Though the region has seen in-fighting in the past, especially after the discovery of oil, the 2003 Warri Peace Accord brought an end to many long-standing feuds.


Although Portuguese missionaries first brought news of the Bible to the region in the 15th century, there was no real effect on the local people. It took another influx of missionaries during the British colonial era to start local churches. Like the rest of Southern Nigeria, there are still many shrines and cults following ancestor worship and local deities.