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Did you know there are outreaches happening daily all over the world, in collaboration with CfaN Evangelism Alliance members? Every week, thousands are choosing Jesus.

Firecamper bringing the Fire of God in 2 of many youth outreaches last week in Africa, can you please pray for this week.

Paula Saari and Joel Stunkard

I love Rongo, Kenya! We preached the Gospel together with Joel Stunkard over 3800 young people today! Thank you for praying, Jesus is moving mightily in this city

Karin and team at CfaN Youth Outreaches last week.

Lindi Dhlamini

Evangelist Lindi Dhlamini conducted over 77 outreaches in Damongo, where more than 12,000 people have been saved in the build-up to a Gospel Campaign.

Phil Rouchard

Evangelist Phil Rouchard and the team in a year-long initiative to cover all of Kenya with the Gospel!

Jako Hugo

This week we were honored to equip and train more Firecampers in the field with thousands saying yes to Jesus, praise God.

Karin Hugo

First outreach from today

Jako Hugo

Some of the CfaN teams that led thousands to Jesus in Kenya

Jako and Karin Hugo

Youth outreaches from last week, can you please pray for this week.

Collaboration project with "Jesus to All Nations" and "Eagle’s Ministries"

Youth Campaigns, Village Outreaches, and a four day Gospel Campaign in Maralal where the preaching was split between four Bootcamp Graduates, including Evangelist Kaisa Koistinen.

In one week there were over 22,000 salvations, and over 200 healings! (This was a collaboration project with Jesus to All Nations and Eagle’s Ministries.)