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Did you know there are outreaches happening daily all over the world, in collaboration with CfaN Evangelism Alliance members? Every week, thousands are choosing Jesus.

School of Evangelism in South Africa

The second batch of students at CfaN School of Evangelism have completed six weeks of their program.

During this time, they have fearlessly spread the word of God in a variety of challenging locations such as shopping malls, high-risk areas, and between nightclubs on late nights and public holidays.

Jako and Karen Hugo

It's been a solid 10 weeks since we first arrived here, and during this time, our team at CfaN has been privileged to witness over 500,000 young people making decision to Jesus Christ. It's truly a moment of overwhelming gratitude to God!

As we gear up for the upcoming week, we would appreciate your prayers to help us continue spreading the gospel and leading more young minds to accept Jesus into their hearts. Thank you in advance!

School of Evangelism – South Africa

School of Evangelism students using the "Jesus at the Door" Evangelism tool to preach the Gospel. 53 people gave their lives to Jesus in the mall alone!

School of Evangelism – South Africa

CfaN School of Evangelism students preached the Gospel in dangerous areas of Cape Town, South Africa, and many lives were impacted by the Gospel!

Michael Job and Team

In the last couple of days, more than 11,000 children heard the gospel, and thousands of them made a conscious decision to follow Jesus.

Michael Job and Team

During our mission in Kenya, our team conducted 373 outreaches, reaching 132,166 individuals, and resulting in 91,688 people choosing to follow Jesus

With gratitude to Evangelist Paula Saari, Evangelist Ziyad and Kathy Ibrahim, Evangelist Joel Stunkard, Evangelist Elijah Jean Baptiste, Evangelist Maddie Noll, and Evangelist Julie Earl for their remarkable preaching and service to Jesus.

Fire Camp in Zambia

We have concluded our Fire Camp with over 80 graduates

The first ever Fire Camp on African soil, raising up soldiers to win souls for Jesus. All our Gospel Campaign Directors, our operations team as well as our Campaign Managers were able to participate. We preached the Glorious Gospel in compounds of Lusaka and saw thousands of salvations! The nation is incredibly open and we are believing God to move powerfully.

Children receiving WHATS NEXT written by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda as part of the follow up discipleship. We are doing youth outreaches where the pupils are boarding.

School of Evangelism – South Africa

Students of the CfaN School of Evangelism in Cape Town, South Africa have been preaching in shopping malls and in the streets in between night clubs. Within the first two weeks of official outreaches, they'd already seen 44 salvations.


Thank you so much to all the CfaN Boot and Fire Campers for your commitment to Africa, safe travels, until next time. Please pray for tomorrow, God bless you

Whatever it takes the Gospel must be preached. Please pray for tomorrow, it makes all the difference. God bless you

Firecampers bringing the Fire of God in 2 of many youth outreaches last week in Africa, can you please pray for this week.

Paula Saari and Joel Stunkard

I love Rongo, Kenya! We preached the Gospel together with Joel Stunkard over 3800 young people today! Thank you for praying, Jesus is moving mightily in this city

Karin and team at CfaN Youth Outreaches last week.

Lindi Dhlamini

Evangelist Lindi Dhlamini conducted over 77 outreaches in Damongo, where more than 12,000 people have been saved in the build-up to a Gospel Campaign.

Phil Rouchard

Evangelist Phil Rouchard and the team in a year-long initiative to cover all of Kenya with the Gospel!

Jako Hugo

This week we were honored to equip and train more Firecampers in the field with thousands saying yes to Jesus, praise God.

Karin Hugo

First outreach from today

Jako Hugo

Some of the CfaN teams that led thousands to Jesus in Kenya

Jako and Karin Hugo

Youth outreaches from last week, can you please pray for this week.

Collaboration project with "Jesus to All Nations" and "Eagle’s Ministries"

Youth Campaigns, Village Outreaches, and a four day Gospel Campaign in Maralal where the preaching was split between four Bootcamp Graduates, including Evangelist Kaisa Koistinen.

In one week there were over 22,000 salvations, and over 200 healings! (This was a collaboration project with Jesus to All Nations and Eagle’s Ministries.)