Achieving the Maximum

As part of our “Decade of Double Harvest”, with the goal of seeing a total of 150 million decisions for Jesus in the next decade, there are once again several teams in operation, doing pre-campaign evangelistic outreaches before the main event in Abeokuta – a city with nearly 1 million residents and a very large, densely populated surrounding region.

They preach wherever it’s possible - in schools, in marketplaces, at street intersections. Mostly, they use our new Gospel Trucks, but not always. As I’ve said before: I believe there will come a day very soon, when as many or even more salvations happen before the main event, as happen during it.

We want to achieve the maximum with this “open window of opportunity”. Thank you for your partnership, and thank you that the people of Abeokuta can be touched and forever changed by the Gospel.

Please pray with us for the outreaches and the main event from 7 – 10 November in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

The best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name!

Daniel Kolenda

Gospel Trucks


7 – 10 November 2019

Abeokuta, Nigeria

Abeokuta means, “Refuge among rocks”. This city at the far western side of Nigeria, only 105 km from Lagos, is found in Ogun State, on the banks of the Ogun River. It was founded around 1830, with the first Baptist and Anglican missionaries arriving around 1840. Trouble with the British in Lagos led to the missionaries being thrown out of the region in 1867.


Latest estimates put the urban population of Abeokuta at around 595,000, but the densely populated rural regions around the city are home to hundreds of thousands more.

Trade and Commerce

Abeokuta is an agricultural trade centre and an exporting point for cocoa, palm produce, fruits, and kola nuts. Rice and cotton were introduced by the missionaries in the 1850s, and cotton weaving and dyeing are now traditional crafts of the town. Local industry is limited but now includes fruit-canning plants, a plastics factory, and sawmills, as well as huge modern cement plant.


Like most of West Africa, Abeokuta has a hot, wet, tropical climate. Rainfall is much higher in Summer than in Winter– and averages 1238 mm annually. The average temperature is 27.1 degrees Celsius.


It is locally believed that the Old Testament “Queen of Sheba” is buried in this area. This brings many Christian and Muslim pilgrims to the area, to the shrine that has been erected where her grave is said to be.

Abeokuta holds a special place in Nigerian church history, as this is the site of both the first Anglican mission to Nigeria (1842) and the site of the very first Christian church built on Nigerian soil – St. Peter’s cathedral church, built in 1898. Being the first of its kind, this church served as a rallying point for many early missionaries who were spreading the Gospel in Abeokuta and surrounds at the time.