7 – 10 September 2023

Week Two for Radical Walk and CfaN in Angola

It's the second week of Gospel Campaign meetings in Luanda, Angola, where Radical Walk and CfaN are joining forces to bring the Good News to this southern African nation.

Day 4 – Luanda, Angola

Final Night in Campo da Fapa

Thousands made the decision to follow Jesus on the final night of the Radical Walk / CfaN Gospel Campaign in Luanda, Angola. It was a powerful end to two weeks of meetings in the nation's capital city! Evangelist Randy Roberts wrapped up the night with this personal message of thanks to our ministry partners.

Day 4

Pulling onto the FAPA field on the last night of our time in Luanda was bittersweet.

I wanted to jump for joy at what God had done in the hearts of the leaders of this country, how He had begun to unify them and how He had set so many of the people free from the clutches of the enemy. On the other hand, I knew that this was my last chance to proclaim the Gospel on this field."

Day 4

We rejoiced as we saw that the crowd had more than doubled from the previous night. More were going to be set free by our King Jesus tonight!

Day 4

Every night the hunger of the Angolan people has been insatiable.

"God met their hunger with His power. We saw so many miracles every night that we could not get to them all. So, I just began to bring the people whose miracles had been verified on stage in a line so I could shake their hands and bless them. We didn’t have time for everyone to give their testimony so this was the least I could do. This last night was no different. After many people gave their testimony, we lined up 20-30 people on the stage whose blind eyes had been opened, whose deaf ears now heard, who had their tumors disappear and many other signs of the power of God."

- Randy Roberts

Day 3

Recap of Day 3 – Campo da Fapa – Luanda, Angola

Day 2

Recap of Day 2 – Second Gospel Campaign in the north of Luanda, Angola

Day 1

Recap of Day 1 – Second Gospel Campaign in the north of Luanda, Angola

Share the Good News!

Tonight was the first night of the second Gospel Campaign here in Luanda! The CfaN team had the Herculean task of taking down, loading, moving and putting up the sound, stage and lights in just three days. They are truly amazing! 

This evening I preached from Romans 10:13: “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Tonight was interesting in that almost every testimony was from someone who had been invited to the Gospel Campaign by a friend or loved one who knew they were sick. I will share just three of them with you.

Day 1 – Campo da Fapa – Luanda, Angola

Adelina had a stroke three years ago and was paralyzed on her right side from her shoulder down.

After the healing prayer, she came and danced with me on the platform. She didn’t even know about the Gospel Campaign until her sister called her this morning and told her she needed to go.

Day 1 – Campo da Fapa – Luanda, Angola

Andre had a large tumor under his right arm and into his chest since 2017.

A friend told him about the Gospel Campaigns and that God was healing people there and he kind of laughed it off, but said he would go anyway. He arrived just as I began to pray for the sick. As he walked onto the field, he began to feel the pressure in his chest dissipate and when he reached under his arm, he was shocked to find that the baseball-sized tumor that had been there for six years was gone. 

Day 1 – Campo da Fapa – Luanda, Angola

Milena had a tumor in her throat for several years. Her friend had told her God was healing people at “campo de FAPA”(FAPA field) and that she should go with her.

She was hesitant but finally agreed to go. While she was waiting for her friend to go to the Gospel Campaign, the friend called and said she couldn’t go. Praise God she decided to go by herself, because the strawberry-sized tumor disappeared in an instant. She wept tears of joy as she told us of what Jesus had done for her. 

Day 1 – Campo da Fapa – Luanda, Angola

Mark 16:15 tells us to go into all the world and proclaim the Good News. It doesn’t say only evangelists should go. This is for all believers.

It also doesn’t say we have to preach an entire message to everyone. We are to simply proclaim the good news of what God has done through Jesus Christ. 

That’s what these people’s friends and loved ones did. They told them the good news about what God was doing at the Gospel Campaigns. Then they came to hear more and were healed and saved. Praise God!

This is how we should live. We should be walking billboards for the goodness of God!

I encourage you to let people around you know about the wonderful things God is doing in the world today.

– Evangelist Randy Roberts

Setup in the north of Luanda, Angola