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THE FULL FLAME SERIES: Igniting a Passion for the Lost

Reinhard Bonnke wrote about the "Full Flame" video series, one of the most important projects of his life:

My dear friends,

During the highlights of my ministry, when we saw millions of people receive Jesus as their Savior in a week, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that I should produce a film series for individuals, pastors, evangelists, churches, and home cell groups, to inspire them to do the same. It is done.

As of now, we will make the Full Flame series of 8 films available to anyone in streaming format – free of charge. I believe with all my heart that multitudes of Christians will follow my footsteps. This day is the day of salvation. Nothing is impossible with God. It is God’s hour. We want to see the captives set free and lead the prodigals home. I challenge you to be a part of it, with all your heart.

Welcome to the Full Flame Film Series: Igniting a Passion for the Lost!

Yours on the harvest field,

Reinhard Bonnke

Full Flame Film Series

Film 1

Who Jesus Calls and Equips (Brazil) | The Art of the Impossible (Egypt)

In settings of timeless splendor come messages of encouragement to strengthen even the most hesitant hearts. Jesus did not choose the elite as his…

Film 2

How I learned Faith (Kenya) | How to Conquer Fear (Indonesia)

As wondrous as seeing God’s hand at work, is the power that answers our faith in “things not seen.” When we move beyond a Sunday-kind of faith to…

Film 3

Fire, The Ensign of the Gospel (Australia) | Relying on the Anointing (Japan)

Can we be missing the point when it comes to the Holy Spirit? Do we look for the fireworks, or God’s purpose? Decide for yourself in this provocative…

Film 4

Living in the Miraculous (India) | The Power of Proclamation (Russia)

The truth is the miraculous is not a spectator sport; it’s a participation event! The Acts of the Apostles could be written because the apostles…

Film 5

The Man is the Message (Germany) | The Revival Detonator (United Kingdom)

In an episode both humbling and uplifting, we examine two essentials no messenger of the gospel should ever be without; Humility and Prayer. With an…

Film 6

Principles for Success (United States)

Reinhard Bonnke shares key principles related to personal evangelism and concludes by praying for God to ignite a passion in our hearts for the lost…

Film 7

The Matchless Message (China)

The journey begins – an epic adventure that will span continents, open hearts... and redefine the essence of evangelism! The theme is love: God’s…

Film 8

Lost at Sea

From one heartbeat to the next, your pleasant, predictable pleasure cruise is plunged into the life and death urgency of a rescue at sea. In twelve…