Europe shall be saved!

When Evangelist Todd White approached me several months before the “Awakening Europe” event with this vision of the Grundig Stadium in Nuremberg, Germany, filled with worshippers that would go out from that place and touch Europe with the love of Jesus, my heart was stirred.

The odds were not in our favor. With less than a year to plan and without financial backing, it was – for all practical purposes – an “impossible dream”. But we serve a miracle-working God who specializes in “impossibilities”. What we have seen God do in Africa – saving more than 74 million people in less than 30 years, healing bodies, shaking nations and raising the dead – has made us, as Evangelist Bonnke says, “incurable believers”. So we, together with Todd and the others, decided to believe God for the impossible in Europe and dream this “impossible dream” with them.

In July 2015 that dream became a reality as approximately 25,000 – mostly young people – filled the Grundig Stadium in Nuremberg. I preached along with Todd White, Paul Manwaring, Ben Fitzgerald (whose ministry GODfest spearheaded the event), Walter Heidenreich, Heidi Baker, Matthias Kuhn and others. The Gospel was proclaimed. The love of God was poured out and the streets were filled with young people declaring the Name of Jesus, preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick!