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Live (January 2, 2017)

From The Porch

You are invited to join myself, Eric Gilmour, Michael Koulianos, and Michael Dow, Live from The Porch, as we dive into the Word of God for an...

Short video-clip

CfaN hits the ground running in Africa again!

Watch this short video-clip that the CfaN team prepared for you directly from Ghana, West Africa!

In this clip you will get a glimpse of the arrival...


„Now that you are saved...“ focusing on follow-up

This video from the first day of our “Great Gospel Campaign” in Mbeya, Tanzania beautifully illustrates how the personal contact information for the...


Mbeya, Tanzania - First Impressions

This very short video-clip with impressions of the preparation of our CfaN-Great-Gospel-Campaign in Mbeya, Tanzania includes some awesome footage of...


Impact Africa Book with Testimonies

Incredible Testimonies from one of the Largest Moves of God in our Time with Signs, Wonders, Healings, Deliverances, Souls saved, Lives transformed …...


You will walk away alive - By Life or by Death

Millions are receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior in unprecedented Gospel outreaches across what was once called, ’The Dark Continent’. Some of...


Great Outpouring

What is the “secret” that makes CfaN’s mission work so effective? The major evangelistic campaigns in Africa are planned strategically many months in...


Rev. John Darku explains why CfaN went to Mbarara

Rev. John Darku is responsible for the planning of all African CfaN-Gospel-Campaigns. In this short video clip, he explains why CfaN went to Mbarara.


Deaf Ear Opens on Platform!

She was deaf in both ears for 17 years. She was rejected by family members and failed in school. She felt like a prisoner in solitary confinement and...


“From a Death Sentence” to “The Sound of Life”

Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Through prayer and by God’s grace, his seemingly hopeless situation turned into a great...


Free at last!

The power of witchcraft oppresses and imprisons people all across Africa. Okiki Olayinka was raised to be a water witch, telling the future and...


Deliverance, Salvation and Healing

For more than twenty years, Bella Marcella suffered excruciating pain. Every part of her body hurt: legs, arms, lungs – even her fingernails. She...


Behold, I make all things new.

Mafia Island is roughly 50 kilometers long. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, south of Dar es Salaam, and has a population of around 50,000. More...


Benjamin’s Unfaithful Heart

For Benjamin Ella’s wife, Jeannette, there was only one response to her husband’s infidelity: she decided to murder him. “When my wife finally...


From Darkness to Light

It all began for 67-year-old James David while he was clearing a field to plant crops. As he cut a bush, a branch snapped back and struck his eye. It...


Beaten, but not Broken

Maurice Temi was a gifted artist. His work had graced the halls of African palaces and government buildings. But his artistic ability was brought to...


Everything Is Perfect Now – I Can Even Box

Yiadom Kofi Boakye returned to the life he lost 10 years ago


Faith that overcomes

Imagine going to High School on a normal day, when suddenly your body seizes up and begins to shake. You lose control, and then black out. Later you...


Gulu 2012 Bulamu Experito