Jovita B., Uganda

Hospitals and Witchdoctors failed me

In 1979, then 16 years old, Jovita became completely, profoundly deaf. For the next 36 years, she heard absolutely nothing. She says, “I went to the doctors and to hospitals, but they could only tell me I was deaf, not what had caused the deafness. I knew it was wrong, but the pain I had and the hearing loss drove me to the witchdoctors. They said it was a certain kind of demon causing my deafness.”

Neither the witchdoctors nor the hospitals could help her. She continues: “At the thought of being deaf for the rest of my life, I would cry out, ‘Oh Lord, please take me from this world.’ That was the only remedy I could think of.”

Then Jovita found her way to the CfaN campaign in Mbarara, Uganda. “As the preacher began to pray, all of a sudden, I started hearing sounds. Then I heard voices, something I hadn’t heard in 36 years! My ears were opening and my joy was building. The louder the sounds got, the greater my joy was. After 36 years of not hearing, now I can hear. It’s a miracle! It’s my miracle”