A New Day is Here!

South Sudan

It has been exactly 15 years since the last CfaN Gospel Campaign was held in Juba, South Sudan. This took place during the struggle of the South Sudanese people to gain their independence from Sudan which was realized in 2011.

Now in 2021 it is a NEW DAY for both Juba and CfaN as a Gospel Campaign begins again in this now vastly changed city. The citizens of Juba have moved ahead and CfaN has too with a new dimension of effective evangelism. This is coming about by the multiplication of evangelists on the harvest field in numbers only dreamed of a decade ago.

One of those evangelists is CfaN Bootcamp graduate, Randy Roberts. He was working hand in hand with CfaN for this Gospel Campaign, directing the pre-campaign preparations and preaching the gospel powerfully, as well as praying for the sick and seeing people delivered from demon oppression.

This is exactly the vision the Lord has laid on our hearts – to equip and send out an army of evangelists, who will preach the pure Gospel and bring the harvest in.