Multiplication – Train, Equip and Send!

Evangelism Bootcamp Fall 2021

CfaN's Evangelism Bootcamp is an intensive 3-month training course specializing in evangelism. Students come from all over the world to be immersed in this one-of-a-kind training from the world's top evangelists. This is an integral part of CfaN's strategy for multiplication and collaboration - turning people with a passion and vision for world evangelism into experienced evangelists.

At the end of the extremely intense 3-month course, the students spend three weeks in Africa for their Bootcamp Initiation Trip, putting their practical and spiritual apprenticeship into action.

A big THANK YOU to Brian Barcelona for training our Bootcamp students a whole new avenue of Evangelism - Digital Missions.

Todd White

"When you get born again, you leave a sinner and you enter a saint!"

Jeri Hill

"Don’t waste your tears while cutting an onion but use them for praying for the lost."

Evangelist Levi Lutz

"Fearlessness is the birthmark of the church!"

Fabian Grech

"Make sure the fire never goes out, but be fervent in spirit.”

This week the fall Bootcamp students finished orientation and a few introductory classes.

Levi serves as the director of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp in Orlando Florida. He has spent his life going after the least, the last, the lost and calling prodigals to come home to Jesus!

Our Evangelism Bootcamp training is starting again in less than two weeks, and we are so excited to welcome these new students!