Daniel Kolenda at Bootcamp Fall 2021

Multiplication – Train, Equip and Send!

Evangelism Bootcamp Fall 2021

CfaN's Evangelism Bootcamp is an intensive 3-month training course specializing in evangelism. Students come from all over the world to be immersed in this one-of-a-kind training from the world's top evangelists. This is an integral part of CfaN's strategy for multiplication and collaboration - turning people with a passion and vision for world evangelism into experienced evangelists.

At the end of the extremely intense 3-month course, the students spend three weeks in Africa for their Bootcamp Initiation Trip, putting their practical and spiritual apprenticeship into action.

CfaN Initiation

Winning the Younger Generation for Christ

We’ve witnessed 203,838 salvations during the CfaN Bootcamp Initiation the last two weeks! Hallelujah! The Bootcamp students have been in West Africa preaching in villages on our Gospel Trucks, in the marketplaces and also through our Kids Campaigns!

We’ve witnessed 203,838 salvations during the CfaN Bootcamp Initiation the last two weeks!

Aramis Albino

I have found what I want to do for the rest of my life! I want to serve God in bringing people into His Kingdom!!

Niki Manninen

Today our team from 1 of the 22 teams were able to share the gospel to almost 9000 young people and we saw more than 6200 decision to follow Jesus!

Bootcamp Team – Fall 2021

Tomeka Greene

I'm not joking when I say I have no words!! One thing I do understand is kids don't fake it - they don't play church - look at the sincerity - you can see the touch of the Lord on these kids!!

Some of the kids campaigns from 1 of 22 teams in West Africa this past week.

Denis Obyedkov

This was wild! It was an honor and privilege to be there and to preach the gospel to these precious children with the best leader Jako Hugo

Jennifer Elizabeth Whitaker

This past week, just our team alone out of 22 teams has shared the Gospel with over 6,000 children, which many received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Jon Hale

I do not have words for a day like today!! SO MANY hungry souls, so many decisions for Christ, and so many more in urgent need!!

Larissa Louise Alivio

I am completely blown away! I didn’t do anything to deserve the honor and privilege of bringing the good news of the gospel to the nations!

CfaN Bootcamp students are out in West Africa right now, praying for those in the marketplaces. One boy could not see out of one of his eyes and Jesus miraculously healed him!

Our CfaN Bootcamp students are holding hundreds of Kids Campaigns throughout West Africa and have documented OVER 100,000 SALVATIONS!

The Gospel Trucks are out in the cities of West Africa spreading the Good News!

Our Kid's Campaigns are taking off with the CfaN Bootcamp student seeing over 7,000 salvations in just ONE DAY during their Initiation trip to Africa!

These kids have received their follow-up booklets, "What's Next?" to help them as they grow in their faith. Please pray for these precious children as they begin their journey with Jesus!

INITIATION HAS BEGUN! Our CfaN Bootcamp students are traveling through West Africa, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp Students are OFFICIALLY IN Africa!

Over 100 students and coaches have traveled to Africa for their 3-week Initiation Trip to preach the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of people in schools, marketplaces, and on the CfaN Gospel Trucks in villages!

Christ for all Nations Headquarters in Orlando, Florida!

Today was the final day of the 3-month intensive Evangelism Bootcamp. Students leave TOMORROW for their initiation trip to Africa, where they will be preaching in the marketplaces, schools, and on the CfaN Gospel Trucks in villages!

We preach it like we mean it - loud and clear!

This past week, the students were taught how to preach even if they don't have access to a microphone or sound equipment!

One part of our CfaN Bootcamp Training is teaching our students' voice projection. We teach them how to be comfortable preaching in crowds and on stages.

Our Bootcamp graduate Roselyne Ayeola was overjoyed to share the Gospel and to see these young people saved at one of our school visits.

Gospel Campaign in Burundi, Africa

Bootcamp Graduates, Evangelist Jacob Ebersole and Evangelist Michael Seth Clifton held a Gospel Campaign in Burundi, Africa. There were 25,237 documented decisions for Christ!

Riese Bierlein

Bootcamp Graduate Riese Bierlein preached on Sunday this August in Krakow Poland. Many people were also saved after the alter call and others were healed.

A big THANK YOU to Brian Barcelona for training our Bootcamp students a whole new avenue of Evangelism - Digital Missions.

Todd White

"When you get born again, you leave a sinner and you enter a saint!"

Jeri Hill

"Don’t waste your tears while cutting an onion but use them for praying for the lost."

Evangelist Levi Lutz

"Fearlessness is the birthmark of the church!"

Fabian Grech

"Make sure the fire never goes out, but be fervent in spirit.”

This week the fall Bootcamp students finished orientation and a few introductory classes.

Levi serves as the director of the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp in Orlando Florida. He has spent his life going after the least, the last, the lost and calling prodigals to come home to Jesus!

Levi Lutz at CfaN Bootcamp Fall 2021

Our Evangelism Bootcamp training is starting again in less than two weeks, and we are so excited to welcome these new students!

Fall Bootcamp 2021 has already begun! Enrollment for Spring Bootcamp 2022 is now open. Start Date: January 2022

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