Kimara in Dar es Salaam

Denis Artyushevskiy

“The first testimony is one I will never forget for the rest of my life. This boy couldn’t move or walk since the age of 5, until Jesus touched him that night.”

In the district of Kimara in Dar es Salaam, Evangelist Denis Artyushevskiy preached the Gospel for two of the five evening services as part of the recent Operation Decapolis. Denis is a graduate of the very first CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, along with Evangelist Evelina Smane who also preached in Kimara. Be sure to read Denis’s report below!

"On the third night of Operation Decapolis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in the district of Kimara, thousands of people gathered to hear the Gospel. My cry to God coming into Decapolis as a guest evangelist with CfaN was that His tangible presence would manifest on the campaign ground. It became a cry, like a child in desperate need for his father, that in my own strength, I could do nothing and that my own words meant nothing.

The crowd was getting bigger each night, and the expectation and anticipation were growing with each night. As soon as I took the microphone, I felt a great urgency to stress to the people to stay to the end of the message. I asked them not to leave until then as what I had to share with them would not only affect them in this specific moment, but it would lead them to make a decision that would affect their eternal destination. From that moment forward, there was barely any movement in the crowd as people locked eyes with me - fully engaged as I preached on the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

As I was preaching, there was a great conviction and tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. When the altar call was given, nearly the entire field lifted their hands with the desire to surrender their lives to Jesus. The call was to surrender everything - not just a portion of their lives, nor accepting Jesus as an addition to everything else in their lives but truly allowing Him to become Lord and Master in their hearts.  

We celebrated as we lit barrels full of witchcraft, charms, and juju, breaking every demonic curse from the people's lives and their city. Many people were delivered, and the following day, others brought bags full of witchcraft items that were given to them by the witch doctor, despite being told that the moment they take the charms off or give those charms away, they would die. There was true freedom, true liberation, that took place in the district of Kimara.  

After we broke all the curses and strongholds off the land, we began praying for the sick.  

  • One lady who had great pain throughout her body for two months went home after the first campaign night where Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached. To her surprise, she woke up with no pain in her body. She remembered us saying on that first night that Jesus would continue healing people as they were walking home or going to sleep, so she began rolling back and forth in her bed looking to see if the pain really went away, and to her surprise, there was no more pain.
  • Another mama testified that 7 years ago, she was in a motorcycle accident and was unable to walk without a cane because of it. On the first day of the campaign, she was serving on the field as one of our counselors, so her leg began to hurt even more as she stood more than she would on a normal day. Due to the excruciating pain, she was unable to make it to the campaign on the second day. As she came to the campaign on the third day, she had to be brought on a motorcycle because of the level of pain. After we all prayed together, she ran up the stage to testify that all the pain was completely gone. By faith, she threw her cane on the stage and left without it, knowing Jesus had completely healed her.
  • One woman came to testify that after three years of having a tumor in her stomach, the pain started to disappear during the prayer, so she went to place her hand on the tumor but realized it was no longer there. Because of the level of pain and location of the tumor, she was unable to bend up and down. After we prayed, she began to jump, bend and twist on stage as the crowd roared with praise!  

As we drove home from the campaign, I cried in awe of the faithfulness of God. Faithful and true.

On the fifth night of Operation Decapolis in Kimara, the crowd tripled from the first night. To my surprise, after asking how many of the people came tonight for the first time, nearly 75% of the crowd lifted their hands. I was in awe of all the Lord was doing in this district as there have never been any campaign s, nor did they have a field until CfaN directors turned a trash dump into a leveled field.

I felt a leading from the Holy Spirit to take the platform without an introduction and began by introducing Christ Jesus, the answer to every need, every question, and every situation. The tangible presence of Jesus was moving powerfully throughout the field. Even before preaching, people were on their knees weeping, deliverances were taking place, and healings were breaking out. Truly, it was holy ground.

After I preached the Gospel message, thousands of people committed their lives to Jesus, many for the first time, and many were healed as well.

  •  The first testimony is one that I will never forget for the rest of my life, and even as I'm writing this, I am in tears. I saw a mother walking with one of the counselors crying and screaming, 'My God, my God.' I asked Brady, the campaign director, to quickly run down and find out what was happening with the boy. As he approached her, the mother was weeping, saying that since he was 5 years old, he was unable to move or walk. As we prayed, the boy began dancing to the sound of the worship music that was taking place. As we went on stage, I asked the boy to try to get out of his wheelchair. The crowd went silent, and you could only hear the noise of the generator and a slight breeze from the wind. The boy started moving back and forth, sliding down to place his feet on the ground. He used his hands to brace himself as he stood up, and the crowd began to roar. His mother moved the wheelchair away, and I asked him to walk towards me. He began taking small steps, without any assistance, from one side of the stage towards me. The band and crowd began worshiping and chanting the name of Jesus as the boy then walked to the other side of the stage and was dancing side to side.
  • A woman traveled all the way from Iringa, Tanzania (where we just concluded a campaign with operation Decapolis last June) in need of a miracle as she was numb from the waist down for many years. She said the numbness left, and she began to feel her legs. She began to move up and down, bend back and forth. She began to jump, run and walk on the stage.
  • Another woman traveled all the way from Dodoma, driving for hours, hearing that there were miracles taking place in Dar es Salaam. Her 15-year-old daughter was unable to go to school because she was unable to leave her bed for the last two years as she had sickle cell. She was completely healed, walked up on stage by herself, and testified in front of thousands that Jesus Christ is the great physician. We prayed for her, her family, and that she would become the best student in her district, despite missing the two years of school.
  • Elizabeth, an older woman, had a disc problem for over 20 years and could not bend for 10 years. Today, she was able to bend independently, touch her toes, and walk normally without any assistance.  

These were just a few of the many testimonies as we had to cut them short and move into the prayer of blessings. Together, we prayed for the president and the government of Tanzania for the city's infrastructure, local authorities, education systems, and hospitals. We prayed for the local church and all of the bishops, pastors, evangelists, prophets, and teachers - that the churches would prosper and grow. We prayed for all the people on the field that God would bless them, their families, and their businesses. We celebrated all that the Lord had done and believe that this was the start of revival that would affect generations."

We celebrate every soul saved and person healed! Hallelujah! We hope you were blessed as you read this report from Evangelist Denis! Thank you to all who continually pray and support us. We could not do this without you!

Together in the Harvest,

Daniel Kolenda
and the whole CfaN family