Right now, I’m in Dubai for the Global Evangelist Alliance, but we are all still amazed at what took place this last week in Tanzania. As you know, we recently concluded SIX simultaneous Gospel Campaigns in Dar es Salaam this past Sunday, known as Operation Decapolis – just one of many strategies to win more souls for the Lord in the Decade of Double Harvest!

Mbagala was one of the six sites where a campaign took place. I wanted to share with you the report below from Evangelist Roselyne Ayeola, who preached two nights during the five-day campaign!

“I am currently at Mbagala, a densely populated district of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with about 70% Muslims occupying this district. The people have seen the promotion of the Christ for all Nations Gospel Campaign coming to their area. Many Muslims have been invited to come experience faith, love, and miracles.  It is with great joy that I bring you glorious news of what Jesus is doing in Mbagala. As Evangelist Rob Enge and I walked into the campaign field for the first time, I knew in my heart that the people of Mbagala would never be the same after this week.

On the first night of the campaign, I had the privilege of preaching the simple gospel, that ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.’ In my message, I told the people why Jesus is the only way to God. As I lifted the name of Jesus, the atmosphere became charged with electricity; the people listened with rapt attention. The moment I gave the call for the people to say yes to Jesus, thousands of hands went up across the field. Thousands of souls were rescued out of hell and planted in God’s Kingdom. Right now, we are seeing the light of Jesus invade Mbagala, and the works of darkness are being destroyed.

That is not all! On my flight from Addis Ababa to Dar es Salaam, I saw a picture of a crutch on the ground. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, and He said that many crutches would be laid to the ground at the campaign in Mbagala. So, it was no surprise that right in the middle of my prayer for those who were sick, sounds of rejoicing erupted from the crowd. They started rejoicing at the sight of the first crutch that went up in the air. I was not done praying when this miracle took place. Jesus could not wait for me to get out of the way. Jesus is more eager to heal than we are eager to pray for people to be healed. Our Jesus is a mighty and loving Savior.

As the people were rejoicing and celebrating, Jesus was still moving. The power of witchcraft was broken as several people across the field started shaking and manifesting devils. They were delivered of every devil and all kinds of witchcraft. This is the Gospel! Many souls at Mbagala were saved, healed, and set free!

The miracles I am about to highlight are only a hint of what Jesus did in Mbagala. The testimonies keep coming in, and it is only the first night of the campaign. There are five more nights to go! 

  • A 6-year-old boy named Rakeem could not walk without crutches for 3 months due to pain in his legs. Metal plates caused the pain. Jesus healed this little boy, and all the pain in his legs was gone. Rakeem walked freely without crutches for the first time in 3 months. 
  • An older man came forward who was completely blind for 2 years. He shared that all he could see was darkness for two years. He would always sit at his house and could not go anywhere. Jesus has changed his story! For the first time in two years, he was able to see shapes and follow me around the platform. His eyesight kept getting better and better.
  • A young woman who had ulcer pain in her stomach for years was healed. All the pain in her stomach was gone, and she was able to bend for the first time in years.
  • Another young woman who had pain in her back and legs for 6 months was healed. All pain left her body, and she walked and danced freely to the glory of Jesus.

The third night of our great Gospel Campaign in Mbagala was so powerful! I preached on the power in the blood of Jesus. I didn’t just talk about it-we saw the raw power of the blood of Jesus at work. Generational curses were broken, and the devil was spectacularly defeated!

Something shifted in the atmosphere as curses and witchcraft were broken. Miracles began to happen all over the field, and devils were cast out of people. The blood of Jesus is more powerful than any power or principality!

  • There was a mama who was on the field that night named Sarah. Mama Sarah couldn’t walk without a stick for 20 years! But the blood of Jesus healed her, and that night, she walked and danced with her daughter for the first time in 20 years without a stick! Her daughter was in tears as she shared that she came to the campaign on Thursday night and on the campaign field, she saw a vision of her mom walking towards her without the stick. That vision propelled her to buy her mother a bus ticket from another part of the country to attend the campaign in Mbagala on Friday night. She said to her mother, ‘Mama, you must come.’ That is not all; her daughter also received her healing on Friday night. She was suffering from eye problems before, and that night her eyes were healed! Jesus healed and restored joy to this family! Isn’t Jesus wonderful?!
  • An older man who had pain in his back and legs for over a year was healed. He could not bend for over a year, and tonight Jesus healed him completely. He bent over without pain in his back and legs. 
  • Mariam could not see well for 27 years, and she couldn’t see far. She was tormented for years because every time she bumped into someone, they thought it was intentional, and it made her very sad. She wept as she testified of her healing. Tonight, her eyes were restored, and she could see our cameraman (Dave Smith), who was standing afar off. When I asked her to tell me the color of Dave’s shirt, she shouted ‘Blue!’
  • Another young lady came up who previously had numbness in her legs. She couldn’t feel anything in her legs for almost a month. Tonight, she regained feeling in her legs, and she jumped to the glory of God!
  • Emmanuel could not read from far or near for 4 years. He especially could not read words printed in small fonts. Tonight, Jesus healed him, and he read a sentence out of our follow-up booklet called, ‘Now That You Are Saved.’

Time and words will fail me to share every single testimony we are receiving. Dar es Salaam will never be the same after this week. In all districts of this highly populated city, Jesus is moving mightily, and many lives have been transformed already! 

To all our mission partners around the world, the glorious Harvest we are seeing in Dar es Salaam is because of your beautiful ‘yes’ to Jesus. Thank you so much for standing with us to populate Heaven and empty hell. You are a part of the glorious Harvest we are seeing in Dar es Salaam.”

We hope you enjoyed reading this powerful recap from Evangelist Roselyne! In the days to come, be sure to see all the exciting updates from the guest evangelists who ministered during Operation Decapolis! 

Together in the Harvest,

Daniel Kolenda
and the whole CfaN family