Democratic Republic of Congo

We’ve just received an update from our team on the ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where they are organizing six massive Gospel Campaigns…

Our team is organizing SIX mass campaigns in five cities in the rural heart of the Congo, where there is very little infrastructure.

The co-operation and anticipation amongst the churches is unprecedented. This is the Church Mobilization Committee meeting in Mbuji-Mayi, where they have already connected with over 2000 churches in the city.

The team was stuck overnight in a village. The kids wanted to say goodbye.

Crossing the Congo River by ferry

Stuck on the way to Kabinda

The region we are in has very little infrastructure – hardly any roads, no electricity and no running water

“Father’s Meeting” in Ngandajika

We meet with the pastors and church leaders in each location.

A team meeting at our rented house in Mbuji-Mayi, where the team is organizing one of six campaigns in the Congo.

Our team is up against the most challenging logistics we have ever encountered. Our Tanzanian directors have told us that they have never seen poverty of this extent until they have arrived in central Congo. God has been incredibly gracious to us and all our preparations are progressing well – we have permits for campaigns, promotion plans and are now working towards massive All Pastors Meetings.

Scouting to find the best field to use for the Gospel Campaign in Kananga

Two of our five cities have never had an international campaign. The other cities last had one over 30 years ago and feel the impact to this day. When we announced we were coming back, tears of joy filled their eyes and they warmly welcomed us, adjusting everything around the campaign. Rarely do we see such dedication.