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The Prodigal Son


The parable that points to the cross

Read this powerful message to learn something about the “Prodigal Son” story that you’ve never seen before.

Agents of Omnipotence

Bible Study

How does God do the impossible?

Have you ever thought, “What can I do? What could I possibly offer God that could accomplish anything in this world?” This Bible Study by Reinhard…

5-part Bible Study series

He is Risen

Whether you believe it or not, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the most significant event in history. This 5-part Bible study addresses three…

Baniyas ruins, ancient city in Israel at the foot of Mount Hermon, near main source of the Jordan river

Bible Study

The Gates of Hell will not Prevail

One of my favorite places in Israel is a place that's known as Banias, known as Caesarea Philippi in the Bible. Today, it's just a big ruin and…

Daniel Kolenda – How do I recognize god’s will?

Bible Study

How Do I Recognize God’s Will?

A farmer in North Carolina lived on a beautiful farm that his family owned for many decades. They had cultivated that same land for several…

8-part Bible Study series

Walking in Victory

The supernatural realm is very real, and it directly impacts our day-to-day lives. This 8-part email Bible study series will open your eyes and give…

Bible Study

God’s Promises for Healing and Hope

I will never forget the first healing I witnessed with my own two eyes. I was a very young man preaching in India. After the message, I invited all…

Bible Study

When Arson is not a Crime!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of fire! Dig into what “on fire for God” really means in this powerful Bible study by Evangelist Reinhard…

Book excerpt

Godly Gems – Reinhard Bonnke

Godly Gems is a collection of Reinhard Bonnke’s writings that he personally curated before he died, taken from the entire span of his ministry. Read…

Bible Study

Pentecost - Power to do the impossible

The wonderful truth for us is that Pentecost never ended! It is ongoing to this very day. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to every believer from that…