Decapolis Dar es Salaam | Fall 2021

Guest Evangelists


Joe Turnbull

“Within minutes, hundreds of sick people were in front of the stage who couldn’t walk, hear, or see. The people came just as advertised to receive…


Randy Roberts

“We saw many hundreds of healing miracles that night, but what has stuck with me is the miracle that changed Nasibu’s heart from that of a thief into…


Jacob Ebersole

“I went into the audience to lay hands on people as the Holy Spirit began to fall, and I can even remember something shifting within myself. I had…


Macoby Donaldson

“The greatest miracle of all is that thousands gave their life to Jesus for the very first time! For that, I am so grateful and humbled. ”- Decapolis…


Evelina Smane

“The Word of God is like a sword that penetrates to the separation of spirit and soul - not only for those who came to listen but also for the…


Jim and Kathy Leamon

Preaching at Operation Decapolis was the blessing and honor of my life! My husband and I ministered in the city of Jangwani along with Evangelist…


Denis Artyushevskiy

“The first testimony is one I will never forget for the rest of my life. This boy couldn’t move or walk since the age of 5, until Jesus touched him…

Gongo la Mboto

Daniel Garcia

We received testimony after testimony of spines, joints, legs, eyes, and ears being healed. The Healer is the One who gave everything for us: Jesus!

Gongo la Mboto

Lukas Repert

“The moment I began to pray and break the curses of the devil, it was as if the field turned into a festival of miracles!”- Decapolis Mission Report…


Rob Enge

“History was being made, even before a word was spoken from the platform.”- Decapolis Mission Report from Evangelist Rob Enge


Dr. Roselyne Ayeola

“Jesus is more eager to heal than we are eager to pray”- Decapolis Mission Report from Evangelist Roselyne Ayeola