5 November 2021

Day of Prayer for Africa

Join the CfaN Frankfurt team on 5 November to pray for Africa. We’re setting the day aside for intercession, soaking the nations of Africa in prayer – from Cape Town to Cairo!

Whether you pray for one country or many, as the Lord leads you, let’s pray for God’s will to be accomplished in every nation. “He makes nations great, and destroys them; he enlarges nations, and disperses them.” (Job 12:23) Not our will, but His will be done!

Commit to praying for Africa

Starting at 08:00 (Frankfurt time), we are dedicating an hour at a time to different regions of the continent. Choose one time slot below to show your commitment to praying with us for revival to sweep Africa like never before. You’ll receive a reminder email a day before.

Join us live on 5 November 

We’re starting the Day of Prayer for Africa with a powerful time of group prayer at 08:00, livestreaming from our CfaN Frankfurt office (in German and English only). Tune in to connect with our CfaN Team members there, and let’s align our hearts and spirits for a day of intercession. You can find the livestream on the day on our Facebook page:


At the end of the day, during the final prayer session, we will livestream once more from 17:30 to 18:00.

I will pray!

Prayer Calendar

Not sure how to pray?

Prayer Topics

Raising up of evangelists

Pray for evangelists to be raised up in every town in every region. Pray for the churches discipling and sending them out, and for provision for their ministries.

Unity amongst churches

There are countless denominations, but only one Body of Christ. Pray for unity among believers, working together to further the Kingdom of God.

Recovery and protection from natural disasters

Many African countries suffer repeated droughts, flooding and other natural disasters, and struggle to find the resources to recover. Pray for those affected and their governmental leaders.

Good governance

Pray for an end to corruption and greed in governments, and for godly leaders to arise to take their countries forward. Pray for Christians to be given positions of authority to allow the Gospel to be preached.


Whether because of conflicts or economic hardship, Africa is a continent of people on the move in search of safety and a future. Pray for refugees and the countries who host them.

Peace and Stability

No country at war with itself or others can progress, and war makes it so much harder to reach people for Jesus. Pray for an end to wars, for true and lasting peace wherever there is currently conflict.

Economic Hardship

Every country in Africa faces terrible unemployment and poverty. Pray for a new season of economic growth, for corruption-free investment, jobs and educational opportunities.

Young people

Over 60% of people in Africa are under the age of 18. Pray that children and teenagers would meet Jesus while they are young and be bold to preach to their own generation.