Reinhard Bonnke: Jesus calls us to come

We are so looking forward to a time of awakening and equipping at our fire19 Conference, and it’s just around the corner now. For me, personally, this is a very special opportunity to meet with my precious brothers and sisters in Germany, mission partners who have stood with the ministry of CfaN for many years, as well as those who have joined us recently. It is time for me to pass the torch to the next generation of evangelists in Europe.

Along with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, my successor at Christ for all Nations, and a team of trusted international speakers, I will be bringing everything that the Lord has put on my heart to share with you. How fitting that I will be returning to Hamburg, the very place where I was baptized in the Holy Spirit so many years ago. He has been faithful to His promise, and the fire He poured out on me then is burning in my soul to this very day.

Always, Jesus is calling to us, leading the way, and asking us to come with Him. And we must not be afraid! When He calls us, He also equips us to answer His call. I can’t help but think of Peter, as He faced a pivotal moment with Jesus, out on a stormy lake in the dark ...

They must have thought Peter was delirious

Imagine it!  A dozen men dragging miserably at their oars, drenched and shivering but sweating with terror at the same time, as we read in Matthew 14: 22-33. Dark clouds, rain, waves whipped by a wild gale half-filling their lumbering old boat. Then, of all things, Peter stands up and talks of jumping overboard and going for a walk!  No doubt the rest of them must have thought he was delirious.

Nobody had ever dreamed of doing what he was doing

But there Peter goes, stepping out of the boat and putting his feet on – not in - the churning furrows of water.  Cautiously, he takes a first step or two, finds the face of the water like solid stone under his feet and ventures further. It was uncanny. He found himself at close quarters with white topped curling waves, like raging lions, dangerously close, waist-high. He suddenly shrank back at his own bravado. Nobody had ever dreamed of doing what he was doing. He could drown. His happy confidence faltered. Fear came and in a few seconds the water began to feel spongy. A few more yards and the sea became like a swamp into which he was sinking and then in seconds the water was again completely liquid. “Lord, save me!” he shrieked. A strong hand grabbed his, and jerked him back on his feet again, still on the water! Jesus, it was Him! He makes the impossible possible, always. “Why did you doubt?” Jesus asked.

When Christ says do something, there’s nothing crazy about doing it, however impossible

It all looks a mad escapade, until you know. Peter had the example of Jesus Himself walking on the sea and called out to Him “Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water!”  Jesus said “Come!”  That explains a great deal. If the Lord said “come”, Peter was willing to go. The command of Christ cut through and defeated the racket of whistling winds and boisterous billows smashing up against the boat.

One thing I can say at this point, which no doubt strikes many. When Christ says do something, there’s nothing crazy about doing it, however impossible. Jesus once told servants to draw well water and hand it out as wine. In astonishment they nearly dropped the cups when they found it was wine.  Peter now proved that swirling waters can support a 200-pound pedestrian when it fulfils God’s will.

We are faced with many similar challenges, but have found – as Peter did – that “all things are possible with Him”. This is our confidence in 2019, I am sure – yours and ours!

So, I encourage you to “step out on the water” with us in Hamburg. Come to fire19 and join us in taking action to follow Jesus’ call on our lives. We are greatly looking forward to seeing you there!

Yours in His love and service,

Reinhard Bonnke


P.S. Tickets and more information about fire19 are available on our website: Seats are limited, so please book now to avoid disappointment.