East Africa

New Field Office in Kenya

What an interesting and exciting time we are in! When God gives you fresh direction and tells you to “expand your tents”, you can guarantee that there will be much to learn and even more to do.

I’m sure you’ve noticed over the past couple of years that Christ for all Nations has been increasingly active in East Africa. Not only have we had three Decapolis events in the region so far, but we’ve also seen an explosion of evangelistic activity through the efforts of many Evangelism Bootcamp graduates.

Since going through their own Initiation trips and then graduating, many of these highly motivated and dedicated evangelists have kept going back, hungry to see more people saved. Some have conducted thousands – yes, thousands! – of youth outreaches. Some have moved to the region permanently. Others have organized and conducted full CfaN-style campaigns in collaboration with our teams. This ongoing work is reaching into many countries in East and Southern Africa, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia and South Sudan. And that’s not even a full list, as more events, initiatives and locations are added daily.

Kenya – gateway to East Africa

At the heart of all of this is our warehouse in Kenya, situated conveniently and centrally in Nairobi – the gateway to East Africa. Our warehouse is part of a large compound with good security and strong walls, surrounded by other warehouses that store food for the World Food Bank.

Here, our technical team store and equip the fleet of Gospel Trucks – there are seven in East Africa now – that are making such an impact. This is also where we store the enormous quantity of follow-up literature that is needed for every event. And this is now the site of our new CfaN Kenya office.

As you can imagine, with all this expansion, there is a proportionate increase in administration and organization. We are looking to the future, even as it’s unfolding before our eyes. And so, to better support and enable the continued growth of evangelism in East Africa, we are directly linking the Kenyan operation to our CfaN Europe office. In fact, our premises in Nairobi is now the “CfaN Europe Field Office”.

With the relevant paperwork completed, we are now in a position to put all the experience and expertise of our CfaN Europe office to work right on the ground in Kenya.

There’s some work to be done

Although the premises are already being used, there is an urgent need to turn what is currently a warehouse into a fully functional field office. Because it is in an industrial area that grew very quickly, there are no municipal water connections nearby. Like other buildings there, we are dependent on roving water trucks that fill up storage tanks. Of course, when our Gospel Trucks “come home” from events, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and repaired. We need to install giant water tanks and pumps as soon as possible to ensure a steady supply whenever it’s needed.

Safe and comfortable office space

At the moment, although there is a second floor in the warehouse, this level is completely open. When our technicians are working on trucks in the same space, that means it’s often noisy, dusty and full of exhaust fumes. To make this a safe and comfortable space for the administrative office work, we will be building dividing walls and a ceiling. Thankfully, costs for construction are low in Kenya. To sort out the water supply and turn the open space into an office will cost only € 3500 – and this task is well underway.

A hub for the Gospel

Our vision for the Nairobi field office is to see this become a central hub, a springboard for all the initiatives that are happening with and through CfaN in East and Southern Africa. Of course, it is extremely important for our major CfaN campaigns in East Africa. But it is so much more than that. As the number of evangelists who feel called to minister in Africa grows, so this hub must grow with them.

Just this year alone, there are at least four Partnership Campaigns planned. A Partnership Campaign is organized and conducted by CfaN-affiliated evangelists, most of whom are Bootcamp graduates. Depending on the particular campaign needs, CfaN offers logistical support, follow-up material, training, and often extensive technical help. This is very much part of the Decade of Double Harvest strategy – and it’s only going to grow!

This will be a place of sending out, equipping and supporting evangelists in the many initiatives the Lord has placed on their hearts. Rather than wasting time and resources on reinventing the wheel for every new preacher of the Gospel, we can use what is in our hands – and watch as the Lord multiplies it in every direction.

Yours in the harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(with the whole CfaN team)

P.S. Our next Decapolis is coming up later this year in Zambia, Southern Africa. Those dates have been moved to September, which is Spring (and not yet rainy season) there. Please keep our teams in your prayers as they press forward. This is a huge project, and we really need your help to meet the costs. Every single donation is an answer to prayer – and I know the Lord will bless your obedience, if you are able to help.