Passing the Torch

Celebrating 50 years of Evangelist Bonnke’s ministry in Africa

"Lagos 2017" was a unique event. A gigantic campaign in the biggest city in Africa, the premiere of the new giant LED screens, the launch of the "Decade of Double Harvest", the passing of the "torch" to Daniel Kolenda and the next generation of young evangelists, salvation, healing and liberation... 

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Day 5 Pictures

Day 4 Pictures

Day 3 Pictures

Day 2 Pictures

Day 1 Pictures

Last night in Lagos, Nigeria

It is almost impossible for us to describe what today was like in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Farewell Gospel Campaign is coming to a glorious conclusion

The crowd is gathering to hear the Gospel

The screens will continue to be a great blessing at our future Gospel Campaigns

Thank you for bringing these giant screens to Africa!

There is still a need and opportunity to contribute to the final costs of these LED screens. Help us to cross the finish line and give towards the giant screens today!

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Reinhard Bonnke's new book

"Are we flammable or fireproof?"

Each of the pastors on the Fire Conference in Lagos will receive a copy of Reinhard Bonnke's newest book free of charge.

Reinhard Bonnke is passing the torch!

Lord, have the blessing of the older imparted to the new!

The message of the Gospel is spreading in the city

More people are coming every night

Dana Morey and Evangelist Todd White

The 4th night is about to start

Day 4 - Fire Conference is underway

"Whether you feel it or not, the Holy Spirit is always there!"

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke encourages pastors and teachers to start doing things for God by faith and not by feelings - and the power of the Holy Spirit will show!  

Daniel Kolenda on the stage

Significant increase in attendance on the third night

Day 3: Fire Conference in the morning

Ilka Johnnie, CfaN‘s European Office Director, in a short interview with Evangelist Florian Fürst

Florian Fürst und Ilka Johnnie

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda

Passing the torch: evangelists, co-workers, friends

Day 2 of the Farewell Gospel Campaign is underway

"Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!"

Thousands of attendees have come to hear Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preach

Daniel Kolenda preaches in the first session

Arriving as early as 7am, hundreds of spiritual leaders gathered to attend the Fire Conference

Full Session from Day 1

Watch opening night

Witnessing miracles

A man who arrived with crutches now marches joyously across the platform

Expecting miracles

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda prays for the sick

The first day of the Farewell Gospel Campaign is underway

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preaches the Gospel

Thousands of attendees respond to the anointed message of salvation 

Launching the Decade of Double Harvest

The first night of the Lagos Campaign is about to start

The crowds are gathering and excitement is building as people are making their way to the conference venue.

Founder of Christ for all Nations returns to Nigeria

Farewell Gospel Campaign is about to begin

Upon his arrival in Lagos, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke attends a press conference

Helping millions to Come and See

CfaN debuts giant LED screens

We thank our friends and partners for bringing these giant screens to Africa! There is still a need and opportunity to contribute to the final costs of these LED screens. Help us to cross the finish line and give towards the giant screens today!

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Testing the giant screens

Farewell Gospel Campaign venue at night

Thanks to the giant screens, the attendees will now see a more personal vantage point, instead of viewing the platform from a far-removed perspective

6 million “Now that you are saved” booklets

Booklets in shipping containers are being offloaded.

At our gospel campaigns, each new believer receives a small follow-up booklet that helps them in the first steps of the new relationship with Christ

Milestone in the making

The preparations for the Passing The Burning Torch Conference are underway

Volunteers building the stage
Setting up the giant LED screens

Behind the scenes

Setting up the venue: a combination of a mammoth effort and great teamwork

Our CfaN field experts John Darku, Winfried Wentland, Derek Murray and Jako Hugo exchange views in a short meeting

Livestream also available on GOD TV

Experience the conference as if you were really there

Our livestream from Lagos will inspire thousands of viewers to evangelism

Joint effort leads to success

Working hard and having a good time

We are grateful for the contribution of our precious volunteers

Looking forward to a monumental event

Our trucks arrive at the venue

Our team is excited to start setting up the venue for Evangelist Bonnke’s Farewell Campaign

Farewell Gospel Campaign in the making

Preparations at the conference venue begin

We have an ambitious phase of work ahead of us. Please pray for dry weather.