Reinhard Bonnke Farewell Gospel Campaign – Day 3

The power of the blood of Jesus

On Friday morning, the second day of the Fire Conference began with a strong message from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke on the power of the Holy Spirit. He exhorted the crowd of thousands to be hungry to receive the Spirit on Saturday.

Following that encouraging message, Reverend Peter Vandenberg spoke from the story of Jonathan, the son of King Saul. He challenged the audience to act, not on what we see, but on what we believe, to trust in God’s promises and get active.

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By the evening meeting, excitement was growing, as many tens of thousands more people flocked to the campaign field than the night before. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda brought a rousing message on the power of the blood of Jesus, and as he started to sing some of the great old songs on that theme, the crowd broke into spontaneous worship.

Daniel Kolenda preached on the four things that the blood of Jesus does for us:

  • It cleanses us from all sin (1. John 1,9)
  • It heals us (Isaiah 53)
  • It protects us (Exodus 2)
  • It purchased us (Acts 20)

When, at the end of the message, he gave a crystal-clear call for salvation, precious thousands lifted their hands and bowed their heads in a prayer of surrender. As the trained volunteers in the crowd helped the new converts, John Darku, the CfaN campaign director for Africa, told us how witchcraft articles had been gathered over the last few days and were now ready to be burned in two barrels. As they were lit, a great shout went up from the crowd.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda came back onstage and spoke out against the curses of all evil spirits in the region, naming and breaking them one by one. Then he broke the spirit of sickness and called out diseases that would be healed.

Some people came forward to give their testimonies:

  • A young woman told us that she was healed from a stomach ulcer and described how she tested it.
  • A man told us that he had been tormented by evil spirits for 11 years. His family looked for help in many cities, but tonight he was freed and in his right mind.
  • A lady had suffered for four years from a growth in her breast. Now she had no pain anymore. She even brought a photo of how it looked before.
  • A father with two children came forward. One son had been deaf in the left ear and was now healed.

You can watch the message and witness the testimonies on our website and on our YouTube channel.

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Saturday morning will be the final day of the Fire Conference, where Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke will pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit for the delegates. In the evening, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda will also preach on the Holy Spirit and pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the whole audience. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring moment of anointing on the livestream!

Sunday is the final night. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke will be preaching and praying for God’s blessing on Lagos, Nigeria and for all participants, on the field as well as the social media and livestream all over the world.

Watch this space! The best is yet to come!

Forever with you in Jesus,

The CfaN team