Financing 50 panels

Giant Screens for Africa

With Lagos 2017, we are starting a new, even more effective phase of spreading the Gospel. We are expecting that this event will be the launch, the kick-off, of our “Double Harvest Decade”.

For this reason, the deployment of our giant LED screens is incredibly important. Now the visitors will be able to not only hear, but also see what is happening on the stage.

Thanks to wonderful partners like you, we in Europe successfully met all costs for the new truck to transport the screens, along with all the necessary customizations, inside and out. The next step is the purchasing of the LED panels. As projected, we now want to help with financing this part of the new equipment. An important project for us!

Will you join us in support of our new project?

Amount needed for 50 LED panels: € 157,500

€ 149,269


Test installation of the LED equipment

A few weeks ago, our technical team completed a test installation of the LED equipment in England, before it was all shipped by container to Lagos. Here are some photos of the set-up. The two screens will each be 6 meters high by 9 meters wide.

The two screens consist of 456 modules in total.

Every panel, including accessories, costs € 3,150. Every euro, every franc, is urgently needed. 

A test run of the LED screens, shown here at only half the final size they will be in Africa
The materials for the giant LED screens in our shipping container. To transport the entire set-up, a new truck is required, and CfaN Europe has taken over the costs for this