Episode 40

The Bible reveals the truth of God

Daniel Kolenda and Peter Vandenberg answer questions sent in from viewers.

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Episode 72

Open arms of God

It does not matter where you are and what lifestyle you are currently living – Daniel Kolenda, Scott and Jackie Howe use Psalms 107 explain that Jesus...

Episode 71

Drawn to the Truth

Scott and Jackie Howe share how they met and how both went on the journey of finding Jesus and being drawn to the truth.

Episode 70

God is righteous - Q&A

Viewers asked questions on the righteousness of God – watch the responses of Dr. John Shiver and Daniel Kolenda. You will be reaffirmed that God is...

Episode 69

Jesus is the resurrection!

Dr. John Shiver shares the testimony of a Hindu lady that got saved after being touched by Christ. This goes in line with what Jesus said in John 11:...

Episode 68

Saving the best for last

Daniel Kolenda and his guest, Dr. John Shiver, take a close look at the first miracle of Jesus. This is the #GoodNews!

Episode 67

The Price that was paid

In this episode Dr. John Shiver shares a very moving story about a father that gave his son for the lives of many people – just like God the father...

Episode 66

Denominations don’t limit God

Dr. John Shiver shares his testimony. In all he went through during his life he can say that God has always been faithful.

Christmas Edition

Message for these times

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda share a message for this season and the days ahead of us.

Christmas Edition

The Mystery of the Magi - Part 2

You’ve heard the story of the three wise men, but what you haven’t heard is the Mystery Of The Magi: How a star led them to Jesus and what part they...

Christmas Edition

The Mystery of the Magi - Part 1

You’ve heard the story of the three wise men, but what you haven’t heard is the Mystery Of The Magi: How a star led them to Jesus and what part they...

Episode 65

Christianity contradicting Science?

Daniel Kolenda and Chris Mikkelson answer questions about the truth of Christianity and the supposed conflict of Christianity and Science.

Episode 64

The Poison of Unforgiveness

We have been forgiven so much by our heavenly father. We can’t hold forgiveness back from others. This episode will help you shape your faith!

Episode 63

Invitation to a Feast

We are invited to a feast – Jesus wants us to come and join him! All we need to do is to accept the provision given by the Lord.

Episode 62

Coming To Our Senses...

The story of the prodigal son – the father who was looking out and waiting for his son to return.

Episode 61

God cares for you!

Chris Mikkelson, former assistant to Daniel Kolenda, shares his testimony. Coming from a small town in Minnesota where he was living a life in sin and...

Episode 60

Does God exist?

Answering questions of the viewers, amongst them the question about God’s existence and how to hear from him, followed by prayer for sent in requests.

Episode 59

Believing in HIM

Paul Maurer shares an experience he made at a CfaN Gospel Campaign in Bujumbura, Burundi and he goes in depth into the meaning of “believe”.

Episode 58

The Miracle of Salvation

When we give our lives to Jesus the Bible says that we are a new creation.

Guest: Paul Maurer

Episode 57

Turning Around

Turning to Jesus means that we come to the place of full surrender to Christ.

Episode 56

Respond to God's call

Paul Maurer shares about his salvation, a period of spiritual high during the Brownsville Revival and the following experiences that challenged him...

Episode 55

We are to search out God

Daniel Kolenda discussing the trinity and God's authority and moral with his guest Daniel Mironichenko.

Episode 54

Every knee will bow

Diving into the depth of Philippians 2:5-11. Jesus stepped down to reach out to every person and draw them to salvation.

Episode 53

Looking unto Jesus

The healing testimony of Melba, healed from broken rotary cup in left shoulder.


Guest: Daniel Mironichenko

Episode 52

Jesus is the Wisdom of God

The Gospel is not just a book but a Man - Jesus. The Gopsel is such high wisdom that the world couldn’t see it. It does not make sense in a natural...