Evangelist Bonnke

Health Report

Thank you so much for your prayers over the last few months for Evangelist Bonnke. It is with great joy and excitement that I share the below update with you (directly from Reinhard):

“As you may know, the last 6 months I had to go through a dark valley of sickness and underwent the necessary treatment. In my weakness, but by His strength, I kept up my ministry on social media with great joy. It is my pulpit.

Meanwhile Daniel Kolenda, my successor in CfaN, brought in hundreds of thousands of souls for Jesus in Africa. Then the Lord spoke to me, that I myself have to go back to Africa for one great opportunity to pass my burning torch to this generation.

Just a few weeks ago I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria to propose this to the spiritual leadership there. I was invited for a Gospel Campaign unanimously. On my return everything fell into place health wise. I am gaining strength rapidly. Praise God.

Soon you will hear the details of our Nigeria Gospel Campaign. If you ask me, I wished the whole world could come. Please tell me if you read this news and spread it to all your friends. Keep watching my Facebook Page for more details soon.

Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for your prayers for me. Jesus is faithful and answered. God bless you.”

Reinhard Bonnke

Over the next few weeks you'll receive more information from us about this incredible Campaign in Lagos that God inspired. It will be historic and unprecedented compared to anything we've ever seen!

Every Blessing,

Ilka Johnnie
Christ for all Nations 

PS: Thank you for your love and all your prayers. It is such a privilege to partner with you in the Gospel. 

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