Faith that overcomes

Seizures made life miserable for Chinyere Eze
Okigwe, Nigeria

Imagine going to High School on a normal day, when suddenly your body seizes up and begins to shake. You lose control, and then black out.  Later you wake up dazed, with no memory of what happened.

That was the life of Chinyere Eze for 14 long years.

“After the seizure I would feel very weak.  Other people would tell me what happened when I came to.  Then I would begin to cry,” Chinyere explains.

She could find no help. Doctors, hospitals and other specialists told her this was something she must live with. But the seizures grew in number and length.
“In one month it happened four to five times a night. My family would have to tell me about it after I asked them.”

Chinyere grew so depressed that she battled thoughts of suicide. But one day she saw a poster announcing a Gospel Campaign with Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke.

“Since the day I learned about the crusade, I began to tell God that He must deliver me from this. If He does not, I will know that He is not truly God.”

When the day for the event came, Chinyere arrived early and waited for several hours. From the moment the meeting began she was expecting the Lord to move.

“When Daniel Kolenda was ministering I was near the stage. After he spoke about the Blood of Jesus, I felt a sensation in my body. Tears gushed from my eyes. I could not raise my hands fast enough to wipe away the tears that kept falling. I started rolling around, crying out, ‘Jesus, save me! I need your blood.’ And I knew He had touched me.”

Chinyere pressed her way through the crowd and climbed on the ministry platform to testify to what Jesus had done for her. Her heart was overflowing with joy and praise. She was totally healed.

Now Chinyere tells everyone she meets of the wonderful miracle Jesus performed to restore her health. And if given the opportunity, she would like to thank the Lord Himself, face to face: “I would tell Jesus that, because of this healing, He has done a wondrous work in my life and I will follow Him.”