Isha’s testimony

A Miracle Happened Inside Me

To date, more than 76 million people have received Jesus Christ as their Savior through the ministry of Christ for all Nations.

But remember: these 76 million decisions represent 76 million individual people like you and me. They are human beings who decided to follow Jesus Christ, and have come out of darkness to light. So “76 million” is not just a number or statistic; it refers to a group of very real, precious people

I would like to introduce one of these special people to you – one among the millions. She is a young woman from the West African country of Benin. Her name is Isha (pronounced: Aisha) Dean. We have produced a short video report of Isha’s testimony. 

Thank you for your prayer and financial support. Your help is instrumental in introducing people like Isha to Jesus Christ so they can begin a totally new life in Him.

Yours in the love of Christ

Daniel Kolenda