“Impulse für Evangelisation” is a monthly Zoom session hosted by our CfaN Germany team. These sessions are focused on evangelism with the goal of inspiring you and equipping you for the harvest. We will have special guests from the CfaN family sharing their hearts about relevant topics. These inputs are in German. 

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Speaker: Kaisa Fischer

Sowing the Seed

Speaker: Dieter Wagner

From Fire Camp to Bootcamp to preaching in Africa

Speaker: Katrin Smenes

With God on the job – how can I reach my colleagues for Jesus?

Speaker: Daniela Kerekes

Topic: What keeps me motivated to go on outreach again?

Daniela Kerekes describes herself as a very normal girl from Austria who planned to become a scientist, but got totally changed by the love of Jesus. Since this love has transformed her life and her heart, she became a different person. She cannot keep this love to herself – she is compelled to share it with the people around her. Daniela started leading her own outreach called Bless Vienna, then she followed the call deeper into evangelism and graduated from the fourth Cfan Evangelism Bootcamp. She went on to work with CfaN in Africa and now in Germany to raise up other Evangelists in Europe and across the world. She loves bringing the next generations into the beauty of preaching the Gospel.

Speaker: Yannick Massanell

Topic: How do I start an Outreach team?

Yannick Massanell is on the leadership team for Nights of Hope in Germany. He leads Gospel Invasion outreach initiatives before events and trains churches in evangelism. Yannick graduated from the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp with his friend Hannes Jakobi in 2021. Yannick was a coach for the 2023 Bootcamp initiation trip to Uganda, training the next class of CfaN evangelists.

Speaker: Hannes Jakobi

Topic: Converts to Disciples

Join us in welcoming Evangelist Hannes Jakobi, a distinguished guest and guide. Hannes, a CfaN-Bootcamp gratuate, walks alongside David Rotärmel’s 'Nights of Hope' team. His journey has intertwined with all their gatherings of faith. His path is to work in harmony with local communities, guiding them to embrace and integrate those newly walking the spiritual path. This gathering will be a time of preparation, as we ready our community for the forthcoming spiritual harvest. It will support us in our mission to guide others on their journey of faith and discipleship.

Speaker: David Rotärmel

Topic: Revival in Germany

David was trained by Daniel Kolenda at the CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp and has several years evangelism experience in Africa and Europe. His ministry, Reviving the World, has held successful open-air campaigns in the Schwarzwald and Friedrichshafen. David says, “God’s power is exactly the same in Europe as it is in Africa. If He can do it there, He can do it here. And that’s what we see when we preach in Germany!”