Fire Camp Europe

A mighty wave of Jesus-loving evangelists

God can do a lot in seven days! At our 25th Fire Camp in Nuremberg, 57 students were trained and equipped to preach the Gospel. We collaborated with local churches, passionate to reach their cities, and ended the week with a community outreach evangelistic event. The students were sharpened in the gift of evangelism on their lives through clear teaching, coaching, and preaching experience.

Fire Camps begin with identity in Christ and bringing people into family. When students experience Jesus healing their hearts and setting them free from the fear of man, they can’t wait to spread the fire! So far this year, we’ve had Fire Camps in Freiburg and Nuremberg (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Tallinn (Estonia), Marseille (France), Budapest (Hungary), as well as India, Australia, Canada, Zambia, and the United States. When we link arms and work together, we reach cities and nations for Jesus. The harvest is ripe!

The vision for Fire Camps

We invite people who feel called to evangelism to gather as family for one week of encounter and equipping. Matt McCluskey pioneered the Fire Camps, and Ingrid Schlaht, a Bootcamp graduate, is the main organizer. Matt, Ingrid, and teams of Bootcamp graduates teach, coach, and lead at the camps. The first days are spent learning about our identity as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father. We practice hearing God’s voice, which leads students into greater intimacy with Jesus. We want to know Jesus at the heart level, not just preach about Him.

Then we equip the students to preach the Gospel in front of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands. We want to take evangelists who already have a heart to share the Gospel one-on-one and teach them to fish with a big net. After the Fire Camps, many receive personal invitations to join us for campaigns in Africa or global initiatives. Students are also encouraged to apply for our Schools of Evangelism or Evangelism Bootcamp for additional training.

Our hope is to equip families of evangelists in every nation in Europe - and globally! - to preach the Gospel boldly in their communities.

Partnering with local churches

Bootcamp graduate Daniel Wild is from Nuremberg. He did the first Fire Camp in Austria in 2021 and served at other camps. His heart is to train those called to reach Germany and Europe for Jesus. He spoke with his pastor, Florian Fürst, from Ecclesia Neumarkt, and Konstantin Kruse, lead pastor of Ecclesia Nuremberg, about doing a Fire Camp in Nuremberg. Konstantin was impressed with the impact Fire Camp had on two of his church members and wanted more people to get trained by CfaN. He offered their church’s building for the Fire Camp. Florian was also all in. Our heart is to connect with local churches and work together for the harvest.

Spreading the fire

London Fire Camp

Our London Fire Camp leaders sensed the word “acceleration” when they prayed together. On the first day, they experienced what we would normally only experience after three or four days together. The presence of God was thick, and people were repenting, getting delivered and set free. Each day got more powerful. From there the students were sent out on outreach and saw just under 400 decisions for Jesus in just two days of outreach. Students who had never preached the Gospel before stepped out in public proclamation.

Estonia Fire Camp

Fire Camp days begin with devotions and listening to God’s voice. In Estonia, God’s presence came and lingered all day. We had great teaching and outreaches, but what stood out was the extended worship nights with laughter, tears, silence, and holy encounters that changed hearts. Our youngest student was 10 years old (joining with her mom), and the oldest was 73. Everyone can share Jesus! Saamuel Kadanik did the first Fire Camp, then helped lead six others. He also spent five months in Africa doing CfaN Youth Campaigns. He was passionate to reach his homeland too, so he coordinated the Estonia Fire Camp with a leadership team of Fire Campers and Bootcampers. More Estonians are getting trained by CfaN, hungry to see Estonia transformed by Jesus. This is a great example of multiplication and collaboration. We are a family of evangelists running together.

Marseille Fire Camp

Earlier this year, we had our first French-speaking Fire Camp, training evangelists for global initiatives. French is an official language in 29 nations, many in Africa, so the harvest fields are vast. France has been a hot spot for tension, but it is also a hot spot for the Gospel! Our Fire Campers saw 77 documented salvations in the week. Jesus miraculously healed one Fire Camper’s mom from a cancerous tumor. People were deeply touched by the Holy Spirit, with healings and deliverance breaking out on the streets of France. Bootcamp graduate Manuel Reichör works in Marseille and testified that this was monumental fruit for the region.

The heart of Fire Camps

The heart of Fire Camps is to impart the wisdom and grace God has birthed at CfaN over the past decades as it relates to the presentation of the Gospel. We want students to be birthed into a family of evangelists who dream together to see towns and cities shaken with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a mighty wave of Jesus-loving evangelists rising up in Europe in this coming decade, and we want you to be part of it. Europe belongs to Jesus, and Europe shall be saved!

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN team)

P.S. Will you help us equip and raise evangelists worldwide? Thank you so much for supporting this ministry with your prayers and finances. We literally cannot do any of this without you!

Fire Camp started in July 2021 25 Fire Camps held worldwide  15 Fire Camps in Europe, including 3 in the UK 1264 students trained worldwide 794 trained in Europe, including UK