United for the harvest

Moments like these don’t come along very often. We are living in a time where God has given the church of Christ an open door to preach the Gospel and see nations shaken. The harvest is coming in mightily because we are in the season of harvest. Not every generation has this opportunity, so we must not take it lightly. Bringing in this harvest will require the body of Christ coming together for the sake of eternity. This has to go far beyond just the ones preaching on the platforms. This is not about one man or one ministry, this is about a generation working together. It must be a collaborative effort.

When we work in unity with one purpose and one heart, we will see abundance. Everyone has a part to play. Leonard Ravenhill said, “The opportunity of a lifetime needs to be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity.” I believe we are in one of those moments of opportunity. God is moving forward like a locomotive train. As we link on to what He is doing, we will also be blessed. God will give us the resources we need to see visions and dreams fulfilled. This is what we are witnessing with our evangelists around the world. There is abundant fruitfulness wherever we turn!

United for the harvest

Last September, we called together our CfaN evangelists from around the world to gather for strategic planning meetings at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida. At this Evangelism Alliance Congress, I shared the vision for our fiftieth year of fifty campaigns from Cape Town to Cairo. Something like this is unprecedented and can only be accomplished with an incredible team. I gave a clarion call to band together in one accord, signing a declaration of solidarity:

With burning hearts, we, the representatives of the 2023 Congress of the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Alliance, do hereby solemnly pledge to fulfill the divine mandate for a Decade of Double Harvest. We will join forces to surpass the prophetic landmark of 100 million documented decisions for Christ in 2024. Taking the glorious Gospel from Cape Town to Cairo, we will link arms with each other and with previous generations to see the prophecy of a blood-washed Africa fulfilled. We are, therefore, willing to forsake egos and logos to unite behind the heavenly mandate in 2024. Further, we are willing to lay down our lives, even unto death. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.

Daniel Kolenda signing the declaration
Daniel Kolenda signing the declaration

There was such a spirit of unity in the room as everyone signed their names. One of the reasons that people were so eager to join this vision is because they want to continue to sow into the ministry that empowered them to step into their callings. They are filled with gratitude to be part of something so much bigger than all of us.

The power of legacy

My close friend Evangelist Nathan Morris and I were recently reflecting on this very topic. We were talking about the impact of CfaN on our lives. Neither of us would be where we are today without the great investment of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Everyone serving God has been blessed by the work, and often by the pain and struggles, of those who labored before them. When we recognize this, it leads to gratitude and a desire to give back. This is why I am incredibly passionate about training the next generation. I want to see many evangelists launched into their destinies.

I remember talking with one young evangelist who was just starting out in ministry. We were standing in the CfaN headquarters in front of a giant picture of a Gospel campaign in Kumasi, Ghana. He said, “I’ve been standing here looking at that picture trying to figure out how to get from here to there.” Have you ever felt like that? You can see something with eyes of faith, but you don’t know how to get there from where you are today.

Kumasi, Ghana – 2014

There are so many evangelists out there with a call of God on their lives, but they do not know how to see their dreams become reality. Through the Evangelism Bootcamp, Schools of Evangelism, and Fire Camps, we equip and empower students with the skills and experience of our ministry. They learn to effectively evangelize and plan their own Gospel campaigns. Our graduates frequently tell me how impacted they have been by CfaN investing into their callings. We believed in them and their dreams, and now they are running full force bringing in the harvest. This is multiplication!

All for His glory

Training evangelists is more important than ever if we are going to fulfill the divine mandate of reaching 100 million souls by the end of this year. Our large Gospel campaigns require teams of EA members on the ground in each location, some for months ahead of time. During pre-campaign “Gospel Invasions,” we flood the region with one-to-one outreach, Gospel truck preaching, youth campaigns, and marketplace evangelism. We are also expanding a strategy called “Aftermath Campaigns”, where Bootcamp graduates hold Gospel campaigns after a large CfaN campaign. This builds on the momentum and hunger in a region and expands the impact. Our desire is to reach countries and continents, for the glory of God!

There is nothing in the world that God cares about more than souls. As evangelists, we are the servants God sends out to cause people’s hearts to burn for Jesus, the One who laid His life down and paid the greatest price to save them. “In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” (1 John 4:9)

Crossing the Jordan

As a ministry, we are believing God for something above and beyond what we have ever experienced before. We are all stretching our faith and preparing to give all we have to see the power of God shake nations. We are crossing the Jordan River into new territory. It is also a Jordan River moment for many of you reading. We hope as you watch us stepping out of our comfort zone, you will step out of your comfort zone as well. We have Fire Camps happening throughout the year where you can get equipped to preach the Gospel. We are also having a School of Evangelism in the UK starting in April and one in Germany starting in September. If you want to be launched into the call of God on your life, I invite you to apply and join us! Let’s press into the promises of God together and see the visions He gave us come to pass.

Moments like these don’t come along very often. Bringing in this harvest will require the body of Christ coming together for the sake of eternity.

Paul told his partners that they had become partakers of grace with him (in Philippians 1:7). As we are linked together in the purposes of God, the grace that flows into our midst is shared by everyone. That means that when you partner with what God is doing, you are sowing into your own harvest. You will reap too.

This will be a year of great increase and breaking through barriers for all of us. Our faith will be stretched, and God will call us higher than ever before. This will be a year for the history books!

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN team)

P.S. If the Lord is speaking to you to help with this harvest, please know that every donation, big or small, is precious to us. Thank you so much for joining with us to spread the Gospel in 2024!