Revival in a time of war – One year later

One year later

Revival in a time of war

As the war in the Ukraine enters its second year, I want to share with you some of the many good reports from this region. For many decades now, Christians around the world have believed the lie that Europe is not ripe for the Gospel, and yet we know from John 4:35 that the fields of Europe are white for harvest, the same as anywhere else.

With simple faith in this reality, on February 25 2022, the day after the war began in the Ukraine, Christ for All Nations sent out a team, headed by Matthew McCluskey, the Director of European Outreach, to the Polish-Ukraine border to begin humanitarian efforts there, and to scout out the possibility of leading many to Christ. Upon landing in Krakow, Poland, their objective was simple: to find the places where thousands of Ukrainian refugees were gathering, to give aid where possible, and in that place, with boldness and love, to preach the Gospel.

The top priority is always Jesus

At the train station where refugees were being offloaded, we set up tables with aid items and began interacting with the refugees. Between our loudspeakers and Awakening Europe’s worship team, we made that space our own. This was all at the “crazy” train station where CNN and the international press were staked out. We worshipped and preached the Gospel freely. No matter what else we were doing in a humanitarian sense, we never lost sight of the importance of sharing the Gospel at all times. We truly saw revival break out. For those first seven weeks, it was almost impossible to cross the border without hearing the Gospel at least once!

Over the border – into Ukraine

For the first week, we were on the Polish side of the border. But then we decided to base a team on the other side. And that’s where the rich harvest really began. We had around 20 people in teams of two or three, usually a Bootcamp graduate with a translator. There were always 4 or 5 teams out there. As time went on, we heard about other refugee centers and started bringing aid and sharing one-on-one in those places. There were so many kids, we started doing a “Kids’ Hour” every day, run by Nina Ogor from Nations Church.

Denis Artyushevskiy praying

"Ultimate Plus" in Ukrainian

It was amazing how fast CfaN got the follow-up booklets translated, printed and in our hands. Every booklet was given to new believers. Many times, we ran into people weeks later who got saved at the border, who shared with us the truth of their testimonies and the lasting change in their lives. Having books in Ukrainian was vital, as it was difficult to connect new believers to churches in that situation.

Ben Fitzgerald from Awakening Europe and Evangelist Joe Turnbull

Reaching out into the chaos

What really had an impact on me was seeing ordinary people act heroically and sacrificially. It was beautiful to see the fruit of people who have worked for decades to build churches where they understand the love of Father God and the power of the Gospel. To see the first wave of that reaching out into the chaos, building the Kingdom in the midst of war – this is something I will never forget.

– Matthew McCluskey

We at Christ for All Nations believe that the fields of Europe are indeed white for harvest. We believe that what was seen at the borders of Ukraine is merely a foretaste of what God has planned in the coming decade in the nations of Europe.

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda