Now that you are Saved - Booklet

We need your help!

Six million follow-up booklets for our upcoming Africa Campaigns

What do those who attend our Campaigns take home with them? What remains when they return to their everyday surroundings and the historic event they just experienced becomes a memory?

People who attend our CfaN Campaigns come from many different religions. Sometimes they cannot tell relatives or neighbors that they have visited our meetings. They fear persecution, or even rejection from their own families. So what will remind them of Jesus and His love when they return to their everyday lives on Monday morning? Our answer is the “Now That You Are Saved” brochures that we have used successfully in our follow-up work for many years. These booklets become very precious to those who respond to the Gospel, which is why we typically do not find any copies left behind on the Campaign field. They function as key links to Jesus and the local churches, making them treasured possessions that endure well beyond our meetings.

Right now we plan to print six million follow-up booklets – not only for Lagos in November, but also for the Campaigns to follow. (We will send you more detailed information about the Lagos event very soon.) Enclosed you will find a few snapshots of the printer where we produce our “Now That You Are Saved” brochures. Once printed, they will be shipped to Nigeria and stored in our warehouse for upcoming Campaigns. 

The costs for six million booklets are immense. But we believe that every booklet will help bring about dramatic change in the life of at least one person – a change that extends into eternity.

Every single Euro, Franc, Krona, and Dollar counts, and is not invested in vain.

I want to help! 




Yours in the Love of Christ 

Daniel Kolenda


The impact of your donation:
50 booklets cost 10 Euros
250 booklets cost 50 Euros
500 booklets cost 100 Euros
1000 booklets cost 200 Euros