Burning Hearts 2018 in Lüdenscheid with Daniel Kolenda

Visitors traveled from over 40 countries to attend ‘Burning Hearts 2018’, most of them from Germany and Europe, but also from Egypt, India, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Mongolia, the USA, the Philippines, Brazil and China! It seemed no journey was too far, no cost and effort too great. God spoke to people at the other end of the world to be there.

The speakers, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Daniel Kolenda and Walter Heidenreich have not only their passionate love for Jesus in common, but also their insatiable hunger for the supernatural acts of God. “The church belongs on the street and the Gospel must be preached and demonstrated with power!” There was no lack of spiritual meat to chew on at ‘Burning Hearts’. Every message was pure challenge.

Daniel Kolenda kept his promise: “I am here to take you out of your comfort zone and I want to tell you that you are not called to warm church pews – GO!” He stirred appetites with many testimonies of signs and wonders that he has seen and experienced in over 10 years on the ground with CfaN.

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Burning Hearts