Free at last!

“As if a veil has been removed from my eyes!”

Okiki Olayinka

The power of witchcraft oppresses and imprisons people all across Africa. Okiki Olayinka was raised to be a water witch, telling the future and casting spells through the power of the water idol. But when that witchcraft started to turn on her, she sought freedom at a Christ for all Nations event.

Okiki Olayinka’s own report:

“I inherited the water from my grandmother, who also practiced the idol worship. This is because, when I was about one year old, someone I was staying with threw me into a fire. For fear that this would happen again, my family introduced me to herbal witchcraft – to protect me while growing up.

I would use this water for divination – to see into the past, present, and future. Every year I would have to communicate with the water idol for divination. I would take blood from a goat or fowl and pour it over charms. Then I wrapped the charms around my ankles and asked my friends to chant and dance around me.

I discovered that it is dangerous to serve the devil. But I did not know the proper steps to bring Jesus into my life until I came to the Campaign. I attended the meeting in Akure because I heard about all the miracles God was performing through CfaN’s ministry. When I learned that the preacher did not use any kind of witchcraft charms, I realized that my idol practice was dangerous. I knew I needed to surrender the water idol during the meetings.

When I saw God’s work at the Campaign, I knew I needed to give my life to Christ.

So I knelt down on the Campaign ground, confessed my sins and accepted Jesus into my life.

Then I surrendered all of the charms I had in my possession. Ever since that day, I have felt joy and peace in my heart. It’s as if a veil has been removed from my eyes. Now I can see that the things of this world are worthless.”

On stage Okiki explained, “Now I want to declare that, from today – from this moment – Jesus has met my soul. I am no longer using this marine power, and nobody should come to me for marine consultation. I want to proclaim to you that everybody who has anything like this (she points at the idol), release it to Jesus!”

After the Campaign she joined a local church, and then enrolled in Bible College. She was ordained, and started a ministry under her new name, Lidia Okiki.