Pledge a year for the Gospel!

As this letter goes out, our organizational and technical teams are already in Aba, Nigeria. They are getting ready for four Gospel Campaigns in February, a strong start for CfaN’s 50th anniversary year. The pace is already hectic, and this is just the beginning of our most intense and busy year yet. We are full of joyful anticipation for everything the Lord will do!

Our goal is to use every resource to its maximum this year. Normally, we would have gone to Aba to put on one large event. But this year, we have divided the equipment into two full sets, and each team will do two full campaigns. By doing that, we will multiply our effectiveness in the Aba region, reaching people in four different areas of this sprawling metropole.

Reaching for a great prize

This is the kind of strategy we will be implementing all year long, making the best use we can of the resources the Lord gives us. We’re doing our due diligence and taking advantage of every opportunity we can find. For example: if we’re already sending evangelists to a particular nation, then we look to see where else they can go in that country, and what else they can do. If they’re there for a Gospel campaign anyway, then they can also do youth outreaches and mobile campaigns in neighboring areas. Or perhaps they are there to do youth campaigns, and so we host a Fire Camp as well. We are intent on making the best use of everyone’s time and money, because we are reaching for a great prize – 10 million decisions for Jesus in one year!

I want you to know that because I have something very specific to ask you today. I believe it’s an inspiration from the Lord to help meet the tremendous commitments that this 50-year plan requires – because a great prize comes at a great cost.

One euro a day for the Gospel – for one year

I want to ask if you would be willing to commit – for one year – to giving one euro every day for the Gospel. Just one euro!

There is no price tag on salvation. That’s priceless and fully paid for by Jesus. But naturally, it takes money to go to places and preach. In years gone by, it used to be that it cost CfaN approximately one euro for each documented decision that we recorded. Nowadays, with our Decade of Double Harvest strategies, those numbers have changed drastically. In some cases, it’s more like ten people per euro. What I’m saying is that your one euro a day translates into one soul saved, at the barest minimum! In fact, one euro will bring many more to salvation.

Is there anything better you can do with one euro a day?

I hope you will prayerfully consider making this commitment with us for 2024. Together, we will (in Reinhard Bonnke’s words) “plunder hell to populate heaven!”

Together with you for the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(here with the worldwide CfaN team)

Support this vision for a year with a monthly donations.*

*please notify us if you wish to end your monthly donation after a year