Thank you for helping

We make a great team!

As the CfaN Germany office, we committed earlier this year to carrying the costs of altering our entire sound and stage system so we could host multiple campaigns simultaneously. We brought this need to you, our mission partners, and you made it possible!

We are so moved by your generosity and faithfulness – and it has already borne eternal fruit, as many tens of thousands of people gave their lives to Jesus during the recent Decapolis campaigns. Each one of those precious souls first had to hear the Gospel, and that was made possible with this technical equipment.

With all our hearts, we say thank you to each and every one that invested in this project. One day in heaven, you will meet the people whom you helped us to preach to!

Are you an intercessor?

We greatly appreciate your financial help – but there is another area that is absolutely vital to everything we do, and that’s intercession. Every aspect of this ministry is built on a foundation of prayer. We are looking for people who have felt the Holy Spirit calling them to pray for this ministry to join our worldwide team of intercessors.

If you feel that God is calling you to be an intercessor for this ministry, then please reach out to us via email on info(at), and we will add you to our special intercessors’ list. Several times a year, intercessors receive a “prayer letter”, with our ministry needs and requests to pray over.

We thank God for you and love you, in Jesus’ name.

Your CfaN Frankfurt team