The Fruit that Remains

We wish we had the space to print all the wonderful testimonies and stories that you, our beloved mission partners, have sent us recently. You have blessed and encouraged us! We love to see how God moves in each of your lives, and we marvel at His goodness in bringing us all together. Thank you to each and every one of you for standing by our side, and faithfully serving the Lord in the harvest field. Enjoy this “family album” of some of our precious CfaN mission partners!

In September 2013, I was driving my car near Amsterdam and suddenly the name of Reinhard Bonnke was in my mind. I didn’t know him that well, but I shared this with my pastor, and he said, “Maybe the Lord wants to show you something.”. I started researching his ministry, and I was amazed, because I was already evangelizing on the streets. In 2014, I went to a School of Evangelism in Rotterdam. And since May 2018, I have been going to Nigeria to hold small campaigns, and I’ve also been to Busia in Uganda. I love your ministry and all that you are doing for God. My heart is also to reach out to souls.

H.G. – The Netherlands 

Something that made a huge impression on my wife and me was the mission partner conference in Bregenz in the fall of 1992. We were there with our then one-year-old daughter, and my wife experienced a healing commitment of her life to the Lord. And our daughter said her first word during a fiery sermon from Reinhard Bonnke: “Hot!” That word was said over and over in the sermon, loud and clear! We will never forget that sermon, about Peter following Jesus onto the water. It came full circle for us in May last year when we were able to experience Reinhard Bonnke’s farewell at the conference in Hamburg. People like Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg, Suzette Hattingh, the Wentlands and now also Daniel Kolenda, have helped to shape our faith.

F.P. – Germany 

When I was still a small child, my parents were not saved yet. My mother was seeking, so she went to a CfaN meeting in Zurich (about 38/40 years ago). My father got some very bad news from his doctor at that time. Because he had a hole in his spine and strong pain, the doctor advised him to give up his work as a roofer and go on to 100% disability. For my father, as a daddy of 2 small children, this was not easy. Because she nagged him, he accompanied my mother to one of the last of the CfaN evening meetings. At the meeting, there was a word of knowledge that a young father was there with this problem (precisely my father’s diagnosis) and that God wanted to heal him. My father went to the front thinking, “If it doesn’t work, it won’t do any harm.” He didn’t feel any change straight away, but on his way home, he felt something like two hands massaging his spine in circles. He said to my mother that he was now healed. Since then, he was completely healed and worked into old age as a roofer. From that moment, my father and mother accepted Jesus. Naturally, they always followed and read the CfaN reports with great interest.

M.K. – Germany