Testify – Jesus is alive!

Does it sometimes seem like there are a thousand voices in the world, screaming for your attention? Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with advertising. Loud voices cry out in outrage at the terrible things happening in the world at any moment. Governments and politicians flood the airways with messages, and even our own friends and family can almost drown us in articles. We have more access to information than any other people in the history of the world, and yet sometimes it feels like nothing is true. Nothing in this world can be counted on or trusted anymore.

Well, today I want to encourage you to stop listening to all those voices. Take a moment to read these wonderful testimonies instead. This is news you can trust. This is information we should be sharing with everyone – that Jesus is alive! And He’s still saving, healing and transforming people.

We will testify of His faithfulness. We will praise Him for all that He has done. And when we do that, the “fake news” of the world fades into insignificance.

Paralyzed post-birth – but now she can walk

The birth of a child is one of the most tender and special moments in the life of a woman, but for Ogechu Okereke, the birth of her child was the beginning of a nightmare for her. Complications of childbirth led to her being paralyzed from the waist down. A dark feeling of hopelessness took over, and for more than a year, she despaired. Then she heard of an event where even the hopeless could find an answer.

When Ogechu arrived at the CfaN Great Gospel Campaign, she had only the tiniest bit of faith that the Jesus of the Bible who healed the sick and the lame had not lost His saving and healing power. When Daniel Kolenda began to preach from God’s word, and pray for the sick, something began to happen.

“I had faith and also a strange sensation in my body, and my mind told me to move. I began to walk,” Ogechu says. She couldn’t wait to get up on stage and show everyone that she could now sit upright, stand and walk! Because Jesus touched Ogechu’s life, she is now able to walk without pain, care for her child, and live a normal life. And she’s the first to tell everyone that nothing is impossible if you put your faith in God.

The Lord Jesus came my way

Daniel Tate grew up loving physical activity and work. He studied martial arts and did vigorous strength training. But one day, while he was working, his world was dramatically changed. He had a large hernia. First, the doctors operated on the left side. But it wasn’t long before the hernia broke out on the right side. Suddenly, he was not able to do heavy physical work.

Then, on the news, Daniel Tate learned that Daniel Kolenda was coming to his area. He said he had no faith at that point, and yet something urged him, pushed him to go. When the evangelist shared a story about his great-great-grandfather’s healing, Tate grew excited.

“I said, “Today is my day, and I must receive my healing. Since this is the generation of Christ’s healing, I must have mine today.” From there, the pastor begins his prayer, and he says, “People, you don’t look to me, Daniel Kolenda. Look unto God!” And I was praying, I had this jolt in my legs. My legs began moving, moving, moving, so I thanked God. I found that my scrotum was no longer swollen.”

He made his way to the stage to share his testimony. Daniel Kolenda had had a word of knowledge that someone had a case of hernia – but this Tate could not even shout when the evangelist said to shout, as the hernia was so bad. Yet he cried out to God, “Holy Spirit, take it away! Jesus have your way!” And suddenly, it began to go in.

Daniel returned home, excited about his healing, and able to work and exercise normally again. In his words… “The Lord Jesus came my way.”

I decided to go because I believe

It all began for 67-year-old James David while he was clearing an area for planting crops. While he was chopping into the thick brush, a branch slashed down and hit his left eye. The damage was terrible. Whenever he could scrape together some money, he would go to doctors and eye clinics, but the answer was always the same. “You are blind in that eye, and there’s nothing we can do.”

Eventually, the doctors wanted to remove the eyeball, but James refused. Still, he was depressed, especially because there was also something wrong with his good eye. He told his sister and his pastor: “If this eye closes and I can’t see again and the other one closes, then I don’t want to go on. I’ve worked too hard for somebody to carry me everywhere. I’ll just get some drain cleaner and drink it.” His pastor pleaded with him. “No! Don’t do it! I’ll pray to God for you!”

He then had cataract surgery to help the remaining eye, but there was nothing they could do for the blind eye. And that’s when James, with his one good eye, saw a poster announcing the CfaN Gospel Campaign coming to Liberia.

“I am a believer, so when I heard about the campaign, I decided to go because I believe. And if you have faith in God, then you will get healed.” There in the crowd with tens of thousands of people, James began to believe that God might do a miracle for him.

From the stage, he heard the evangelist say, “Everybody put your hand on your eye. Right now, I command every blind eye to open. In the name of Jesus, receive your sight.” At first, James was afraid to remove his hand, afraid he might still be blind. But as he did, he could see the crowd around him clearly. With great joy, he made his way to the stage to share his story.

“I felt very, very good. I was shaking inside – I felt something in there. It was like the Holy Spirit hit me! I have told people what happened to me. They are so excited for me, and I thank God that He did a miracle for me. I believe if He did it for me, He can do miracles for other people too.”

Be encouraged today! We serve the living God, who is saving and healing and changing lives – yesterday, today and forever.

Together with you in Him,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
and the entire CfaN team

P.S. Thank you for standing with us this year. Our plans continue at full steam, and your prayers and financial support are crucial. Thank you for helping us preach the living Savior to a dying world!