From Darkness to Light

James David

It all began for 67-year-old James David while he was clearing a field to plant crops. As he cut a bush, a branch snapped back and struck his eye. It was the worst pain he ever felt. A few months later, sight in that eye turned to darkness. James was blind in his left eye.

He scraped together money to visit doctors and eye clinics, but they could do nothing for him. The eye was too badly damaged.

“One doctor asked me if I wanted them to remove the eye,” James told CfaN. “I told them, ‘No.’”

James was never able to return to farming and clearing fields. Instead he did small painting jobs for money. But a year later he went blind in the other eye – this time from a cataract: “When the other eye went blind, I couldn’t even walk without help. I couldn’t prepare food. I couldn’t work anymore.”

James’ son, Prince, verified that his dad became totally dependent on others. “After he went blind,” said Prince, “he couldn’t do anything for himself. We had to lead him to the rest room, we had to take him into our house, and I even had to dial the phone for him.”

“I told my pastor and my sister that I was so full of despair, I wanted to die,”said James. “I told them if things didn’t change I would drink drain cleaner and die.”

Then a year ago, James received cataract surgery to repair one eye. That gave him partial vision. Unfortunately the eye injured by the branch still could not be repaired.

That’s when he heard that the CfaN Gospel Campaign was coming to his country of Liberia.

“I went because they said any sickness you have will be healed!” said James. “I went to the meeting in faith.”

In the crowd of more than 100,000 people, the Holy Spirit fell on James. He believed God would do a miracle for him. 
“God wants to heal blind eyes tonight!” said Daniel Kolenda from the stage.“If you are blind, put your hands on your eyes.”

As Daniel prayed, James prayed with him. Then he slowly removed his hand from his eye.

“I wanted to open my eyes, but I was scared,” said James with a smile.“When I took my hand away, and opened my eyes, I could see from both eyes! I looked around at the people and I said, ‘I can see you! I can see you!’ And I was so happy.”

The crowd erupted as James made his way to the stage to share what Jesus did for him.

“It felt so good,” said James. “But I was shaking inside. I felt something in there. It was like the Holy Spirit hit me with power inside as I shared the miracle God did for me.”

And of course James couldn’t stop telling people about what God did for him that night.

“I thank God for what he did for me! Now I can do a better job painting, and I can even work in the fields if I want. I am so happy. God can do anything that we ask him to do!”