Peter and Evangeline Vandenberg


Peter and Evangeline, when did you join CfaN?

It was January 1981. We came from the UK where we had been living and ministering, initially in Bible School and later in evangelism and singing. When we joined Christ for all Nations, we traveled with the whole family, all the way to Johannesburg, where CfaN’s headquarters was then. We were just 34 years old when we joined CfaN and we’re now 71! It’s been 38 years.

What changed for your family when you joined CfaN?

It was quite a challenge because when we were itinerant, we ministered together. We were together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the family was highly involved with that. Out of school time, the kids traveled with us and it was total involvement together. However, when we joined CfaN, I suddenly found myself at home with 3 children, with a husband who was away a great deal of the time. That had its own challenges. It was a good challenge, but a fresh one, for sure. At one time, I felt like every time there was a family crisis, my husband was away. I think every woman whose husband is away a lot goes through that.