Light The Fire Again Conference 2018 "Passing the Torch"

We believe God wants to ignite a new, powerful move of the Holy Spirit!

The waves of revival that swept around the world in the 1990s have left a lasting impact on millions of people around the globe. You may have even witnessed the power of God fall and remember what this revival was like. Perhaps you have been praying and fasting for a fresh revival that will spark the next great awakening.

From April 25th - 28th, 2018, we at CfaN have initiated a historic conference at the Attwell Centre, the site of the Toronto Blessing. Many leaders will be gathering, leaders from the great global moves of God at the close of the last century, still in active ministry today, coming together to: ‘Light The Fire Again’.

Light The Fire Again

We are believing for God to rekindle the flames of revival and that we will see a mighty move of His Holy Spirit sweep across the earth. We believe that this is how He wants to win the hearts of this generation.

Do you want to join us in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) for the ‘Light The Fire Again’ Conference? We are expecting attendees from all around the world to have an encounter with God like never before. Of course, if at all possible, it would be fantastic for you to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event in person. Seats are limited, so be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible at:

New - Join us for the Video Conference!

We’re planning to make all sessions available soon after – there are 10 event sections with one or two speakers each – on a special website in English for you, for a small fee. We need to charge the fee to cover the extensive technical expertise and equipment that’s needed – and we’re keeping costs as low as we possibly can.

As of 1 April, you will find more information about this on our website

I am absolutely sure: God wants to relight and revitalize the mighty move of His Holy Spirit that swept across the earth at the close of the last century. The time is now – be there!

Together with you in Jesus,

Daniel Kolenda

P.S. We’ve just returned from the campaign in Calabar, Nigeria. It was simply fantastic! In less than 4 weeks, the campaign in Ogbomosho will begin. Please support us with your donations and your prayers, so that this campaign can also go ahead unhindered and as planned.